Tate + Tomboy

posted on: 3.31.2010

Do not be fooled by this so called "dress" Tate is wearing.
 It took a lot of convincing, and by the end she agreed it would be okay, since the top is a shirt, and it's just attached to a skirt (I guess that makes it not a dress?) Okay by me. The striped sweater over was her idea. She's crazy about anything striped right now and said, after she put the sweater on, "it's cool now".

For Tate it must be cool, and "not cute!".

This afternoon I asked Tate to browse the mini boden catalog in search for some new "cool tshirts" to take back to Dominica.
She flipped through every single girl page without so much as a word.... then she hit the boys section.

"Oh, here's the cool stuff", she told me. 

She continued to pick out a shirt with a shark on it, a shirt with a skull, a blue plaid button up, and some cargo pants.

Total  tomboy. 
Which I actually think is adorable, as long as she's not a cross dresser:)


  1. well done on your part. the dress and sweater are adorable! aren't you so happy you ended up getting both?? glad to see she was willing to wear the cute (yes, cute - don't let her see this) shirt dress. i still can't get over that color. you look gorgeous in the last pic - it seems that the transition to civilization is going seamlessly :)

  2. Tomboy or not, she's still cite, I mean COOL :) as a button!

  3. Sorry, that was supposed to be cute, not cite!

  4. sorry Chels -- that's a far cry from tomboy :) I want the original of that twirling pic -- so cute!! Just saw that shark shirt she wanted -- it's at nordies if you wanted to pick it up.

  5. she is so cool. I think the striped sweater may be my favorite part of her outfit (that I want for myself!). I love these stories.

    we love Boden (the boys section). and since she loves stripes, have you tried P.O.P? I have many a coupon if you want one. just email me.

    p.s. I was just like her when I was little! I would only do boy clothes and halloween costumes. no lotion. no hairclips. and I even like dresses now...

  6. i love that!!! kylie has a shirt with a skull on it and she thinks its so cool when she wears it!

  7. Another reason for Tate and Aves to be great friends. They see eye to eye on the wardrobe thing. Aves is ALL about tshirts, shorts, jeans and all things boy-ish. So cute.

  8. so glad you posted about this new "cool" obsession she has! i'll tell her every time i see her that she looks cool! try to convince her that dresses in fact are cool! love the sweater/dress combo. she already has quite the eye! i think she must have gotten that from her mother.

  9. "She falls down a well, her eyes go cross. She gets kicked by a mule. They go back. I don't know."

  10. wy- you know how bad i am at remembering movie lines!! i'm sure i should know this??? but of course, i'm blanking:)
    christmas vacation?
    ferris bueller?

  11. christmas vacation-uncle eddie

  12. i knew it must be one of those:) love you.

  13. So hilarious!! It just reminds me of elementary school when all the girls wore frilly dresses. I wanted one so bad. Instead, Pat stuck me in khaki pants and waffle shirts, with a practically shaved head. I was so sad. I feel Tate's pain (even though I wanted to be cute instead of cool). Regardless, she still looks like a child model.

    p.s. Pat, I loved the tomboy look. :)

  14. don't be dramatic -- your head wasn't shaved. It was a bob.

  15. OMG- Pat... dying at your hilarious response to Eve's comment:) I'm sure Tate will be saying the same thing to me some day!

  16. Call me soon!

    LOVE this post. I keep going back to it... staring at all the pictures of Tate. I love the BW one of "twirling Tate"... it's perfect. Captures the story and HER so well... she is SO COOL that Tate. THE COOLEST and lets keep it a secret that she's "cute" in boy OR girl clothes! ;)


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