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posted on: 3.17.2010

ooh, lots to love this week. my "starred items" in google reader are going crazy!

decor 8... 
My go to blog for endless inspiration just featured this new rug from Angela Adams (who I've talked about before). Apparently I really like Angela Adams. I must figure out a way to make this beautiful rug fit into our "student loan" budget? Any advice?

Complete perfection (well, I would change the barstools). But really, how amazing would it be to cook in this space? I can just picture myself.. apron tied, Tate coloring peacefully at the island, cookies in the oven, and a diet coke on the rocks on the counter. Absolutely amazing.
seen here

Saw this on my new daily read blog, delightful, and thought it was such a cute idea.
What a fun way to praise and encourage your child, and they're FREE!

Do any of you read delightful? You should... it's, well, just delightful.
 (thanks Cass for having cool friends that i can meet over the web:)

This was the lamp shade that kept me up all night a couple nights ago. I'm still debating if it's something I want to tackle, but I don't know that I can part with it either?
Isn't it darling? It's a mix of my grandma Mary (who was an avid needle pointer), and Jonathan Adler- who can do no wrong in my book. A perfect mix if you ask me.
Seen here

Little Green Notebook is one of my favorite design blogs, and this nursery inspiration she did for a client is my favorite thing she's ever posted (i'll try not to say favorite again). It will belong to a little girl named Quinn (darling name) soon, and I'm completely jealous of Quinn.
I mean the couch, the bright red Jenny Lind crib, the chevron print, the colors, it's just all adorable.
(So, now of course I'm re- thinking my whole "next childs room will be filled with jonathan adler" thing, and thinking this suits my overall style better, no?)

Anywho.. on a totally random note- my parents are town, just arrived today, and we have a busy busy week! I'm so excited to show them around and let them see first hand all the random, but beautiful things about Dominica.

ps- i promise i'm not turning this into a design blog (i don't dare), but i just can't help posting all these beautiful things i find on the web that make me happy!


  1. Oh - the kitchen. And your description of the kitchen. To have a place for the gals to color while I cook sounds almost too good to be true. (And it is right now. :))

    As always, I love your taste on everything. Hope you have SO much fun with your parents! Yay!


  2. That first picture is amazing! I've been searching for rugs and 6 drawer dressers (Danish mid-century). That's the perfect combination.

    And I have that nursery bookmarked too. I'm trying to figure out how to make it part of my home.

    Love your picks. :)

  3. Love love love it all! I have been busily searching the internet for design ideas for this house and love all that is out there and the blogs you directed me to...so thanks my dear. Why not make a design blog? You would be great at it. Have fun with your parents in town and I'm assuming you are coming home with them...call me or email me when you get here I would love to get together (maybe a little shopping and eating?) and possibly you could give my house a little Chelsea touch as well???


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