sweet ride

posted on: 3.02.2010

i'm nearing thirty. one might think this is the age where i start driving an "adult car", you know maybe a volvo or audi or something. something that says "i'm cool, grown up, have kids, but still know how to kick it".

Enter: Bob
my harsh reality "nearing 30" ride.
Today he took me and tate grocery shopping, up and down the dirt roads, to 4 different stores, to campus and to the pool.

the trunk space is unbeliveable!
here it's holding my crystal light cup, a bottled water, my cell phone, wallet, tate's bathing suit, tate's pink floatie, our towel, baby susie (her arm is barely visible)... also 3 of our grocery bags containing 6 rolls toilet paper, 4 cans diet coke, stewed tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, celery, cilantro, 2 cans milk, pepperoni, 2 packages chicken breasts, yogurt and eggs.

the front seat carefully holds tate, her baggie of fishies, a sippy cup, and our bread.

the undercarriage is deceivingly spacious holding yet another 2 bags of groceries (filled with various ingredients), tate's frog floaties, her waist floatie, watergun, watering can, and 2 cans of sunblock, and our umbrella.

3 hours i got to "drive" this sweet ride around today.
3 hours with my 3 year old "sitting", in 95 degree heat.
3 hours, 4 stores, and still didn't get everything on my list.
i get to drive it all around town tomorrow again!

(hey, you in america- be thankful for your car)


  1. You seriously ought to be on a commercial for Bob. That is putting a stroller to good use! Who needs an Audi?

    Love you. March 1st! Only 24 more days!


  2. I am dying right now! Soooo funny!

  3. Seriously funny! And, can I say I'm impressed with your resourcefulness! Go Bob...and his nearing thirty "driver"!

  4. so i feel for you, but at the same time i'm jealous that you get to walk everywhere! can't even imagine your rock hard body!

  5. I'm right there with ya! And the tying of the bags onto the handle- genius! (Wow, we really are pathetic aren't we!)

  6. Ha ha ha ha... I can just hear you giggling as you wrote this!! Funny. You're really funny- way to use that Bob of yours.

  7. like most hysterical post ever! i love that you've named your stroller. and i do appreciate my car a little more today. thanks chels for putting things into perspective for us. too funny!

  8. you crack me up! i love your way of looking at the brighter side.

  9. I already knew B.O.Bs are the best, but you just took it to a whole new level. Seriously laughed me head off with those pictures.

  10. that really is one sweet ride...

  11. it's funny to go from monday's
    anthropologie bedding, cloud cutting board, etc. to this. don't worry chels, even with bob i bet you're still the most fashionable woman there. you are always classy and making a statement. for your next business you need to start selling knock-off purses from the stroller.

  12. I didn't want to tell you, but.... I submitted your name to Pimp My Ride and you were chosen!!! They are going to outfit your Bob with platinum 22" rims, a Nintendo Wii and a hot tub! You'll be straight up pimpin' in no time!

  13. I will push you around in your ride anytime if it means you will come back soon! :)

    Love those BOB's and all they do for our lives.


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