Sunny this time... staycation part 2

posted on: 3.11.2010

Day 2 of our staycation was gorgeous! We headed an hour North, up and around the tip of the island to the East Coast and found Woodford Hills Beach. A beautiful , nothing but sand beach, that we had all to ourselves (minus one random european in his speedo, of course).

Like I've said a million times over... it's so much better when Wyatt can come!

The girls have started quite the sea shell collection, so this day was mainly about adding to that:)...

and getting buried.

Tate was covered, all day, head to toe in sticky thick sand.

 Taking a walk down the shore... times like this I know I really am in paradise.

 I love this side of the island because of these red rock cliffs, aren't they beautiful.
A girl at the school offers a yoga retreat atop the red rocks, overlooking the amazing ocean- now that would be rejuvenating.

Tate and Avery go on an adventure and discover what these rocks are all about. Oh, and then Avery decides she needs to have a potty break:)

Thanks for a wonderful, busy, but fun staycation Jenkins!

I think we have a post mini tradition now:)


  1. i like day 2 better! :) looks like fun!

  2. You look like you are a different nationality. -so jealous of your tan!

  3. Looks fab! And Chels... you are going to put my black ass to shame when you come into town. lol! You are so freaking dark woman. Wow, I really need sun! ha Looks like Tate isn't the only one with a new do... like it Wyatt.

    Love you like sugar!!

  4. I am so impressed with how well you document your life. I love your take, the photos, the writing, everything. . . it just works. We have a fun life.

  5. 1. Tate is so freaking cute. as always. I am in LOVE with her hair!
    2. You are no longer Caucasian. and I am beyond jealous.
    3. You come here in 1 1/2 weeks!
    4. Sorry you were up so late, thinking about...everything! ha those nights are the worst.
    5. Did Jerome help you on your stay-cation? ha
    6. Thats all. Love you all!

  6. you are living the life my dear...
    so is tate....her childhood is what dreams are made of! unreal...the photos are gorgeous..(the people and the scenery!)

  7. this is so weird but I was just looking at the picture of you and Wyatt turning around to look at the camera and Tate has her arms around both of you -- and had this moment of deja vu, because Wyatt looks so much like my memories of my dad when I was Tate's age. It's history repeating itself -- me a little blonde girl and my young dad who looked just like Wyatt.


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