A staycation with the Jenkins- part 1

posted on: 3.11.2010

Monday was a special day.
Wyatt took a big test, and we had plans other than the pool (which is rare).
The plans consisted of taking the rest of Monday after the test, and Tuesday off, and spending the days seeing Dominica with our friends the Jenkins.

Since it decided to rain for the first time in weeks on the same Monday we decided to forgo the beach and head up the Indian River.

Jesse, Mr. Jenkins, had the hookup, as his neighbor happened to be an Indian River guide with a wooden row boat. We called him up and an hour later we were being rowed up, in the rain, the Indian River (which is 5 minutes from our place, by the way)
No one cared that we were barely off of campus, or that it was rainy... we were all just happy to be having an adventure!

The Indian River, one of 365 rivers on the island, is the only river at sea level, and it's beautiful!

A real life Disney Jungle Cruise.

Tate had a blast looking for fish in the water, red legged crabs on the banks, and iguanas high up in the trees.

I just kept thinking "i hope you don't fall in, because i am not jumping in there after you"!

this photo makes me laugh- it looks staged. it wasn't, but i'm really curious as to what had those boys smiling?

300 year old tree roots that sprawled the banks

                      cute bathrooms                              neat table & chairs                         a house on stilts

At the end of the river was the most "hippie charm" little place to walk around and grab a cold drink.

How neat are these trees? The left is a Bamboo, and the right is an Almond Tree. Sarah and I have decided we'd like an Almond Tree Lined street when we move back to the states.


  1. Wow, you are brave. I would be thinking "something for sure is lurking under there, ready to jump up and strike any second". I am such a wimp but it looked fun. I went on line and the suit is sold out. It really is the most adorable one I have seen. I bought a retro (old fashioned) style one for $8! Yippy, but it does not compare to that yellow one. swoon.

  2. We need trees like that. Why is America so ugly sometimes? That looks dreamy!!

    p.s. I see that Wyatt got a hair cut along with Tate. You guys look very good!!

  3. That looks amazing! A little creepy, but amazing!


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