our freak show

posted on: 3.07.2010

you know those crazy flexible chinese contortionists?

well, we think tate is well on her way...

this pose she thinks is hilarious and will do it at any moment and just giggle at our amazement. if she gets enough momentum she can get her feet past her head!

this particular picture almost makes me queasy.
 look at for a second, notice she's on her stomach, pulling her leg out to the side and then up to her hip... maybe lay on your bed and try to get even close to that! me and wyatt tried and about broke our leg in the process.
again, she just laughs away!

freak show.


  1. OK, as a good grandma, and as your grandma always said to Ryan as he crossed his eyes like a demented Dopey "Honey, stop!! What if it sticks like that?!"

  2. she has great potential for becoming a ballerina! the top pic is called a swan, and the bottom is used for stretching... i don't think it is freak show-ish at all. :)

  3. I can totally do that ...NOT:) It seriously hurts me just to look at it...you've got yourself a little gymnast.

  4. Okay, laughed out loud. That is quite gross. I want to see it in the flesh when you guys get here. She has a bright future!

  5. That is me..Eve. I don't know why it says "non" sometimes.

  6. this reminds me of the bum parents on montel that bring their child who does muscle & gymnastics training everyday and is on steroids and will hopefully make them millions. haha. jk jk. she is a model/comedian/actress/dancer/and now contortionist. watch out!

    ps. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/91995/gymjox/


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