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posted on: 3.28.2010

Has anyone worn Mod Cloth before? It's a 'new to me' company and I'm loving their giant selection of dresses, but the quality looks a little questionable? Does anyone know if they are made well, sized well... anything?

Aren't these 3 dresses darling!


  1. im loving these dresses...but also new to me!! good luck and let me know if you purchase and what ya think.

  2. Love the website! I have never ordered one because of the reviews people gave. I have heard it is poor quality...bummer. But so cute! So let's get the kiddos together if you have a moment. London would love to see Tate and I would love to see you!

  3. Way cute dresses! You always find such cute things :)
    Since you appreciate homemade items, you should check out the skirts on my blog! They are darling and Haylee gets compliments everywhere we go!!

  4. wow, it was so fun to see your comment and now i've spent the better part of my morning reading your blog. i love it! your photography is just amazing and your little girl is adorable and it's so interesting to see how we're living such similar lives! if we only lived on the same island- i want to be your friend! i have to tell you that my jaw dropped when i saw your apartment? how did you find such a beautiful place in the caribbean?! i'm definitely jealous. i'm glad you get to be home for awhile. totally understand that. i might be going home in a few months. i have lots more to comment on but i'll save it. :) thanks so much for saying hi!

    p.s. i have one modcloth dress and LOVE it and it is very good quality. but i've heard others are not so good. i don't know. you definitely have to check the measurements because most of the dresses are really short!

  5. They have really really great too! But I would get everything a size smaller than you are..everything runs really big! Thought I would say hi too! Tate looks so adorable!


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