Making me happy monday

posted on: 3.29.2010

lunching with in laws and boo at corner bakery (thanks jess for the tip- we love it)

being able to shower, straighten my hair and put on makeup- i'm feelin' real dolled up:)

jeans, layers, no sweat on my face

sunday dinner with family yesterday

cadbury mini eggs- heaven sent

a car to drive

options... it's so good to just have options

dinner with funny friends my first night back

skyping with wy and giggling over funny stories

movie night with dru & tyler... oh how much i missed the movie theatre (and dru & tyler:)

unfortunately, the weather hasn't been making me happy.
i really like the sun, and green grass.


  1. One word- jealous! And you look so good! Soak it all up for me.

  2. oh corner bakery- so delightful. what did you get? i think i love the pesto chicken sandwich and mini chocolate bundt cakes the most (so far).

    i can't believe how tan you are! you gorgeous woman, you.

  3. You are blacker than Jen! You look fabulous. So does Jen ;)

  4. no sweat on your face?! NO FAIR! :)

  5. K I look like an albino between you and Megs!! So fun seeing you, lets do it again soon:)

  6. boy are we happy you are home!! please stay forever. or let's just make sure we see as many movies as we can!!

  7. Chelsea comment made me laugh so hard! It is a sad truth though... I need a freaking tan. That night was splendid... like always!

    I'm so excited to hear you like the Corner Bakery. It's yummy! We still need to go to Normandie's @ some point to with the girls.

    So glad you & Tate could come enjoy some Tim Tam's with us today! We LOVE you! And thanks again for ALL our specials, you little special! :)

    p.s. pics are so cute, just wait till you can really see them


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