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posted on: 3.15.2010

Our new story time tradition.

A couple nights ago, after our usual brush teeth, jammies, 2 books routine, I had the idea to tell Tate a couple stories from when I was a little girl.
She ate it up! Listened so intently, nodding and saying "yeah" after every word. When I was done she wanted Wyatt to tell a story too- same thing, loved it!
Then she told us she wanted to tell us a story about when she was a little girl, 
it went like this...

"This one day, when I was little, I was on a boat with my friends Felix & David, and a cow came up and BIT me into pieces of candy!!"
(followed by uncontrollable giggles from us all:)

She then proceeded to tell us all sorts of other stories from when "she was little". They range from someone pooping in her bed one night, to falling off a big bunk bed, to one time finding her bedroom covered in cheetos, fishy crackers, and cheerios!

Wow, we had no idea how many life experiences she's already had:)


  1. that is so cute! i wish i had a better memory, because i swear by the time i have a baby, i'm not going to remember any stories from my childhood! you are such a good mom.

    oh, and the wardrobe challenge has been fun. you should definitely do it! i would die to see all your clothes. finding a new outfit every day hasn't been hard at all. i've been surprised by how much i own, but don't wear. the hard part is taking the picture and putting yourself (and all your insecurities) out there for the world to see & judge! that being said, i've enjoyed it. :)


  2. Hi there! Jen reminded me the other day about your adorable hair acc. and I NEED them. She said you are coming to town will you have your latest creations? And whats the the best way to get them? I love the rose and green mix flower it will go great with her Easter dress...and I won't stop there thats just for starters! Thanks so much :)

  3. Mini loves this too! The entire post echoed my kid's identical sense of humor. They would get along swimmingly, I just know it. When are we going to play?

  4. She and Avie are kindred spirits. All the Jack and Ate stories? Tate would appreciate them. Love her.

  5. haha she is a funny funny gal.

  6. She is so adorable! David likes to tell us stories about when he was a baby too. He's had an amazingly exciting life so far...

  7. I love the tradition. tate is very creative. from coming up with names for ALL her babies to coming up with tall tales. like mother like daughter, the creativity that is


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