Deb & Antone's Dominican Adventure...Day 4

posted on: 3.22.2010

Day 4 of my parents adventure took us to good food, and good friends!
We headed up the island to spend the day at Red Rock Haven with our friends.

But before that, my parents wanted to see what the local market was all about...

The market here really isn't all that great. It's just a row of tables with produce, and if you're lucky, maybe some fish.

But it's great people watching!

Red Rock, although the beach is pretty nice, is more about the comfort.
The beach comes with a nice resort (for Dominica), spa, and great restaurant!
My dad hiked over to some nearby cliffs and got this great shot of our crew on the beach, above and hidden in the trees is the actual resort that overlooks the Atlantic.

In case you didn't know, Wyatt's kind of a big deal:), and as soon as the kids got settled in they were off chasing him up and down the shore.

it's amazing what a couple of beach chairs will do for your day at the beach, isn't it?

Tate's friends, Avery & Lucy, were a little envious that Tate had her Grandma here.
By the end of the day both were asking to come home with us!

Even though I'll only be gone for 4 weeks, I'll really miss our friends here. We have loved  getting to know them better and feel so lucky to have them down here with us!

This local wanted his picture taken:)

As always at Red Rock... a great day!
 This was the best day of food. Red Rock for lunch, and Heaven's Best for dinner (which for those of you who live here, is wonderful!)

Day 5 may have been titled "the funnest day" (although I know that's not a word), stay tuned for why!


  1. love all of these amazing pics! it looks like heaven with your parents. tate's purple swimsuit is to die for. see you soon!

  2. It looks like you've been having so much fun with your parents in town!! I'm so jealous of all your excursions. I can't wait to see you guys in a couple days!!

  3. Looks like so much fun. AND funnest and funner are totally words. Anyone who tells you differently just doesn't understand grammar rules. They may not be common usage, but they're absolutely correct. Just so you know. :)

  4. How fun to have your parents down there with you...I am sure they are loving it too. Every time I look at your blog I so want to pack my bags and head to the beach..Your livin' the dream;) Can't wait to see you soon!!

  5. We love the same swimsuits. I almost ordered the same one for miss londee

  6. hey cutie- I absolutely love these pics! what a great photographer you are :) I have some friends headed down your way in about a month the Taylors and the Cochrans. I got to know them a little bit in the last couple of weeks here in Miami. One of them has a little girl Tate's age- so that will be fun! Love seeing your adventures! xoxo


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