Deb & Antone's Dominican Adventure...Day 3

posted on: 3.20.2010

Day 3...
 Tate needed a break from all the driving, and was actually really missing school, so while she was there, we headed up to Bense Pool for a little cooling off... by cliff jumping!

and stopping along the way to enjoy the gorgeou views

My dear friend Liz came with us, and it was sort of a last HURRAH for us since she'll be leaving the island in just a month:(

Remember this place?
 I blogged about it before. I thought my parents would love to come here and cliff jump.
Well, they did... but it took a bit of convincing (and me going first- what a trail blazer I am:) to prove it was safe and deep enough. And really fun!
My mom, after the fact, told us she already had her mind made up that she wasn't going to jump, but I knew if she didn't she'd soon regret it.
So, we all acted like annoying teenagers and pressured her into jumping:)
She loved it!

I love having my mom and dad here for their fresh eyes. They see things that I haven't noticed.. like this humble, but cool blue shack.

and cute colorful rowboats along the shore

"the dead boat" as Tate calls it, along the main road

The real highlight of this whole trip for Tate was showing Grandma and Papa how she can swim under water across half the pool... all by herself!
She told me before they came, "they will be so impressed!" about how she can swim underwater.

They were!

We're all impressed, thanks to Liz Prince. Tate is not only not afraid of the water anymore, she's one with the water:) She just holds her breath, or blows bubbles and kicks those little buff legs as fast as she can.

A Proud moment for a mom and dad.


  1. Oh my. Tate has your amazingly gorgeous skin... she's almost as tan as you are. Jo can't stop commenting on how beautiful she is with that WHITE hair and BROWN skin! You two look like such beach babes... and also look like you're having some major FUN with your parents! Enjoy!

    p.s..... Love the "dead boat" comment. ha ha ha.. you're too cute Tate.

  2. Still more fun and I love the pictures! I really need to look back over the ones I took.

  3. Such gorgeous pictures! I love your blog.


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