Deb & Antone's Dominican Adventure... Day 5

posted on: 3.26.2010

Day 5 was decidedly the funnest day on Deb & Antone's adventure.
 Wyatt was able to take the day off since it was the weekend and we headed 1.5 hours down to the depths of the jungle to Trafalgar Falls.
Two giant waterfalls appear after a short hike, one hot and one cold, both swimmable:)

It's pretty surreal to sit in the middle of the rainforest in a natural hot pool. Pretty cool, if you ask my parents. A little creepy if you ask just my mom.

Tate had no problem getting in either, as she's been here twice before and was glad to show Grandma the ropes:)

I loved having my mom all to myself, well with Tate, for an entire week!
(how many colors do you think my hair is? sheesh!)

The cold fall

It's a short manicured hike into the falls, but getting around to the swimming holes is quite the feat with a 3 year old. Figuring out which huge boulder to lift Tate across to get to the next was like an exhausting game of Tetris!

My favorite part of the falls... a cool water pool, with a hot shower like fall that runs down over your head.
 Pure heaven.

Tate was feeling extra cuddly for the moment and I was soaking it in (I think that was a 60 second kiss:)
SO glad my mom was standing right there to capture it all. I love her.

Definitely an island child!

Oh boy. 
My dad was thrilled to watch my mom and I try to swim upstream to escape the freeeezing cold water. Of course he was, he's the one who told us to "come this way, it's easier to get out", and then snap snapped away at our struggle with the current!

After the falls, we headed  up a few more mountain cliffs (no exaggeration) to Titou Gorge.
A narrow ravine with a hidden waterfall in the cave at the end.

Yup, we swam through that!
 Us, Tate, her floaties and all.
It was a little creepy, and cold, but SO worth it!
(sorry, no pictures of the inside, we didn't want to get our camera wet)

We swam through this narrow dark crevice for about, oh, 40 feet, and then came to the cave where a couple waterfalls were formed by higher crevices. 
Wyatt jumped off the waterfall.
I peed about 10 times... it was cold people.
Tate closed her eyes when Wyatt jumped and shivered.
My mom marveled.
And my dad swam quickly out to take pictures.

A view from the top, you can't really tell, but that tiny white part in middle is part of the waterfall.

It was an adventurous day, with the most exciting being our company on the way down the mountain.
We picked up a local hitchhiker named Stanley Soup.
He was carrying a 50lb. bag of fruit on his head and needed a way into town.

He told us his stories of his island adventures, one of which was of him falling into the boiling lake here on Dominica where he was (and i quote) "burned from my balls to my toes... want to see?"

Oh, NO THANKS Stanley, I think we're good!!!

My parents trip was a success, and after 3 days of traveling (due to a cancelled flight leaving us shacking up in Dallas for the night- although it was super fun because my sister in law lives there and showed us around:)... we're all home!
(well, minus my other half:(

I think my parents really loved the trip, but my dad said tonight, he can see now why I'm anxious to come home after a couple months... as they were after just one week!

I had a BLAST showing them around and spending time alone with them though!


  1. I look like such a flabby girl in every one of those pictures, it makes me feel old. It was fun having those adventure with you, the part where Tate covered her eyes when I was jumping off the fall was classic. The island really does have some interesting spots- who knew? I'm glad you made it home safe. Love you

  2. i love you too wy, and personally i think you look H.O.T.!!! i don't know what pictures you were looking at?

  3. i love the impromptu picture of you and wyatt in the water together. so cute. :) glad you had fun. see you in a few weeks and enjoy the states!

  4. i loved the picks of deb and antones adventures...seriously, i laughed so hard everyday and i also cried a little that first round of pics when i saw your mom and tate and how happy she was. its just like kylie and her grandma. they are the best of friends!!! welcome home...hope you are enjoying the snow storm today!! CRAZY!!

  5. Wyatt- trust me, you look good. Chels and Tate- I am OVERJOYED that you're here. When can I see you? This weekend sometime? I'm glad you had so much fun with your looks dreamy.

    P.S. We'll miss you Wy. Wish you were here too.

  6. Looks like you had such a fun time!! Makes me want to go back there and stay only there instead of on a cruise ship...

    beautiful pictures!

  7. Oh my it looks SO gorgeous there. I might just invite myself to visit. By the way, that child could not be cuter. She's beautiful!


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