Deb & Antone's Dominican Adventure... day 2

posted on: 3.20.2010

After our marathon car trip, we decided to take the second day easy.
I took my parents to my favorite beach on the island... Batibou Bay.

Moments after dropping our beach bags on the sand, Tate and my dad were on the sea shell hunt.
Tate has quadrupled her collection since they've come and couldn't be happier!

oh, Ariel also came with us and was really enjoying getting some sun:)

I'm so glad we're going back to Utah with my parents (did you know that?), or else I'm afraid Tate would be bored to death with just me at the beach. She's loving all the one on one time she's getting with each of my parents. 

Proof that the beach day was a success... a happy child covered in head to toe sand.

We were welcomed home to this, not so little, guy... walking up the steps to our apartment.


Day 3 is coming soon, and it involves a hike, water, a cliff, and something my mom didn't want to do:)


  1. I was reading via reader and my sil (in town for the week) glanced over my shoulder and said "WHO is THAT?" She was smitten with darly Tate...I think everyone who keeps up with you is. I adore that photo of her, sandy, freckly face staring straight into the camera. How cute. Looks like you guys (Ariel included) are having a blast!

  2. Oh so cute! Guess what...I got the yellow swimming suit! I must say it looks so much better against Tate's beautiful tan skin. I tried it on London and just laughed because she is so fair. Thank heavens for Target!!! Um...GNO soon. I am so excited and so is London. Hip hip hurray!!!


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