Deb & Antone's Dominican Adventure... day 1

posted on: 3.18.2010

Let me fore worn you, this post is long. With 118 pictures taken the first day (given it was a long day), it took a lot for me to narrow it down to about 30.
My parents arrived Tuesday evening, so today was really the first day we got out.

Our goal:
Hit up the entire top half of the island, making a complete circle.
 Goal accomplished.

After many morning errands, we finally got on the road and headed south toward Emerald Pool.
We weren't in a hurry though (the glory of having your own car, means you're on your own time:), so my dad stopped to take some neat pictures of the beach villages we passed through.

ALL photos in this post, and probably for the remainder of the week are by my dad.
He's really amazing with the camera, especially given it's not his day job.
I feel so lucky to have such beautiful pictures to remember this island by.

Cool pictures too, like someone's tin home perched on the mountain top.

This is mine and Tate's second time to Emerald Pool, and it was still amazing.
The scenery is just stunning.

The majestic Emerald Pool
soooo nice to be there on a "non cruise" day, and have the place to ourselves!

My dad.
 He may be a great photographer, but he does need to work on that tan while he's down here:)
(we're laughing because I knew going into this picture pose with him he'd no doubt dunk me or something stupid like that, so I was preparing myself for it, and threatening him at the same time)

Tate finally had her Grandma here and they played games all day!

mom, I love this picture of you!

Tate was done with pictures by now- can you tell?

Sometimes being on vacation with my dad feels like I'm on a National Geographic shoot. He couldn't get enough of this cool lizard.

Although, if he weren't here I wouldn't have gotten what are now my favorite pictures of Tate, and my mom.

completely candid, Tate overlooking the lush jungle valley below

After Emerald Pool, and a nice picnic lunch, we headed through the interior, but this time out the other way, onto the East side of the island.
We were on a hunt. A hunt for the Carib Territory.
We drove around endless hairpin corners, up monstrous (I was sweating I was so nervous) hills, on top of the mountains, until we finally found it.

The view... after the monstrous hill.
I promise you never in my life have I seen a road so narrow and so steep.

The Carib people do a lot of arts and crafts, so we stopped at this lady's hut to check some out.
Tate got a new maraca, and my parents bought a neat birdhouse for the backyard.

I was so curious about the Carib people and why exactly there was so much talk about them, so she let us into her yard, and showed us around a bit. 

Here are her brothers, making crafts to sell. She is married, but they all live together in one tiny house. On the other side of that bench they are sitting on is a cliff... into the ocean.

The Carib people were very nice and friendly and seemed more sweet & pleasant than other Dominican's I've met.

This is the house they all live in...

but this is going to be her "new house", right next door.
Her husband is a mason, so he is building it. Probably all by himself, and I'm sure it won't be done for years.
I'm so glad I got to see this side of the island (completely opposite side from where we live). I thought our town was poor, but this is just a whole new level. They didn't seem to notice or mind though.

I actually loved seeing how they lived and chatting with them. This was one of my favorite days I've had on the island.

Another Carib man... who got a little too friendly, and wanted to take me down to beach alone:)

As we were driving home, school got out, and it was fun to see all the darling kids walking home in their cheerful uniforms.

After 6 long hours in the car, we needed a break.

This little one was such a trooper all day. 
I think having Grandma and Papa's full attention all day helped, a bit.

Day 2 of Deb & Antone's Dominican Adventure will take us to the beach... much more relaxed and way less driving. Although, I can't promise less pictures:)


  1. I think Tate's platinum hair and dark tan is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Your parents look so great and happy, please tell them hello for me :)

  2. wow, i'm just dying over the pictures. ALL of them are amazing. So glad you got to see another part of the island, what a neat place we live in!

  3. Your mom and dad are so dang cute, and Debbie looks exactly like she did when you guys lived down the street! Loved the pictures, gorgeous!

  4. Oh my gosh. I love these pictures. They tell the story so well - from the gorgeous scenery to the primitive life to the sweet relationships between you and your parents and especially your Mom and Tate. Priceless. Can't wait for Day #2.


  5. I'm so glad they made it -- totally jealous that looks like quite the adventure! That candid pic of tate is amazing as is the one of her and grams looking at each other. Keep all the pics coming! Love you all.H

  6. Hello!
    I found your blog the other day and i think you are fabulous!ANd your fam is so cute! i love reading about your adventures! And i may have done some blog stalking, and i think you would be my best friend if you lived in slc! hello fellow porcupine lover. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. i'm so happy to that your parents are there with you! i bet this is one of tate's happiest weeks of the whole year! those pictures are amazing. they remind me so much of what we saw in the Dominica Republic. i really hope one day to experience this all with you! 6 days :)!!!!!!

  8. Your parents don't even look a minute older than when we were in Jr. High/High School. So awesome that they are so supportive!

  9. how wonderful that your parents are there...and i can tell tate is loving it!!! cant wait to see more pics.

  10. hi... i like those pictures.. i wish to have good camera too... so cute family... if u allow me i will add you to my blog list... i want to share it to some of friends.. Thanks.

  11. I'm guessing your dad took all those pics? Being the camera man... that's my guess. Anyhow, they're all beautiful!!! Go Antoine! I can't get over these... you're in SUCH an amazing place. I WISH we could come visit!! I would love to see all these places in person. ENJOY your family!!!!

  12. looks amazing!! U can't say ur watching ur life pass u by!!:) x

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  14. So great your parents are there! I too love that picture of your mom. Please give her a squeeze for me... I love that woman! I also love that picture of Tate connecting with the camera... she would make all the models of the world envious. :) I just realized I picked that same suit up for Monroe awhile ago... in 18 months... ha ha. I had to have it and it was on sale.

    Is it next week already... I'm dying to see you!!


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