all smiles

posted on: 4.25.2010

I feel I must share what's been making me smile every single morning.
It's just a song. But, something about it makes me all smiles.
There's no doubt my day is a good day when I start it off by hearing this.
(the pictures are not to go unmentioned either, so pretty)

listen to it, turn it up loud... and tell me you don't smile?


  1. That song just changed my life. I'll be smiling for weeks now.

  2. that is a great song! making me happy....Adele and Joshua Radin Pandora! Both are great, listen to the mixes!

  3. Love Rachel Yamagata and loved that video. Best pictures. Thanks for sharing the smile. xoxo

  4. i love me some rachel...and that is one of my favs!

  5. It did make me smile. Thanks.


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