10 things I can't live without

posted on: 3.04.2010

1. my family and friends.
 always at the top of my list. i feel so fortunate to be one of those people who love and adore being with their family. on both sides, there's no one else i'd rather spend time and make memories with. same goes for friends. i am a girl who needs girlfriends- they are priceless.

2. pretty and comfortable clothes.
notice that i never wear button up shirts? it's not because i don't think they can look cute, it's just they aren't comfortable enough. i love to look pulled together (my days go better if i feel that way), but i must feel comfortable also. i couldn't survive with out my black sweats at night, my favorite pair of perfectly worn in jeans, dresses, or my screen print j.crew t's. i like it pulled over, loose, soft, but very pretty.

3. eating out.
this might just be my favorite thing to do, so of course i couldn't live without it. almost nothing cheers me up as much as a fun night eating out... or day, or morning eating out:)
i like, actually looove, good food. i like chatting over good food, i like to try new places, get old favorites, make friends with the waitress's, share dishes, and just enjoy something that someone far more experienced has cooked.

4. playtime.
trips in the works, date nights and girls nights scheduled, a little shopping or eating out are all things that fuel me. like i've said before, i really like to play and absolutely could NOT live without knowing playtime is in the near future. i love to take life easy and just have FUN!!

5. beautiful surroundings.
i am a very visual person and sensitive to what is around me. i need to be surrounded by things i find beautiful. i love to see them every day, they make me smile. i love waking up to a pretty comforter, and looking over on my nightstand to see my jewelry placed in an old crystal jar. i get so much joy out of seeing a stack of beautiful books on my coffee table, or the pop of orange in my lamp on my kitchen counter. i need to look out the window and feel happy about what i see. whether it be my house, what's inside, my yard, my neighborhood, it needs to inspire me and make me feel happy! 

6. ac.
enough said

turn on my ipod- it's the first thing i do in the morning & it's crucial to starting my day off right. currently i'm finding myself turning on my "chick mix" playlist in the morning... a little norah jones, a little regina spektor, a little rachel yamagata, and some tegan & sara get me cheerful and ready to be productive. music has always had a huge affect on me, it can completely change my mood, sooth me, make me happy, sad, hyper, tired, motivated, optimistic... i could not ever live without it.

8.homemade treats.
it's says something when i ask wyatt for his input on this list and the first thing he says is "homemade treats". and it's so true. it's not just that they are completely comforting and delicious. it's also become mine and tate's ultimate favorite way to spend time together. i can never turn her down when she asks if we can bake cookies together- never. i love making them, eating them throughout the process, smelling them bake, taking them over to friends, enjoying them for the week. i definitely love the part of staying at home with tate that allows me to put on a cute apron and bake for her and wyatt.

i looooove everything about going to the movies. the date night, or time with girlfriends, the popcorn, and diet coke, the previews and all the pre-movie chatter. i get so involoved in the movies i practically jump right into screen. i cry when they're sad (or not even), i scream LOUD and sweat when they're scary, i laugh out loud when they're funny and i'm complelety oblivious to anyone around me. it's great! it's one of the things i miss most about living down here. they're just pure good entertainment.

10.arm tickles.
i know wyatt's rolling his eyes right now (right, hon?) because he's usually the "arm tickler" after much begging and whining from me:) i don't know if it's a frandsen thing- i've been told so, as everyone in my family is WAY into getting their arm tickled. i promise it's better than the back, and feels soooo good. when i lived at home my mom would tickle my arm (get this) every.morning.before.school. now that is motherly love. when i wasn't home it was usually my friend's- cassi, or layce did the job well. and now that i'm married, it's wyatt- and even tate sometimes:) i'll take one from anyone, just as long as i can get one.


  1. You are so darn cute. I want to go to a movie and out to dinner with you. You are fun. I love reading your blog!

  2. I couldn't read past #6.... Too funny!! and how true!!!

    See you in a week! I cant wait!!!

    Love, Dad

  3. Oh my gosh. I love this post. These are all fabulous things that many can not live without... but all these things are purely a part of YOU!

    Let me just say one thing about the "arm tickling" obsession. Once upon our teenage sleepover days, chels would wake me in the morning insisting that I tickle her arm while she woke up!! And of course I would, being the fabulous girlfriend that I am! lol ;) I have to give her credit though... she would always return the favor. We could sit for HOURS going back and forth, tickling arms and talking boys. Those were the days Chels!! =)

    Still to this day, I too make my husband and family members tickle my arm... it's nothing short of fabulous and relaxing.

  4. In the eight years we've been together, you've introduced me to many great things. Arm tickling is not one of them. I didn't get it (and had never heard of it) when we met, and now thousands of arm tickles later, I still don't get it.

  5. I love you Chels. Wish I was going to see you next month! I can't believe Diet Coke wasn't on there.

  6. I love the list...so totally you!! And thanks for the shout out to my "mad skills" at mothering! Can't wait to see you guys!!

  7. Love this. I agree 100% with everything that you said. I think our lists might be identical. You know how much a love a good movie, sweets, family, etc.

  8. hahaha I think arm tickling is a Glenn thing too...wonder if Grandma likes it? Its my absolute favorite! Love the list!!


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