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posted on: 2.17.2010

Major swooning going on over here this past week. Oh, how I wish I could own 1, or maybe 2 (in case I lost one) of every adorable thing.

1. abc bird print... perfect for my dearborn kitchen (aka, old house). found here, seen here

2. wayne pate adorable tote. i want to go to my corner market and walk away with wonderful fresh produce for the nights dinner in this tote. right? found here

3. my new favorite necklace. found here

4. super cool handstitched & dyed unders for miss Tate.
she. has. to. have. these!
found here

5. the entire Harvey Faircloth spring collection, in my closet please. I don't know that I've ever met a collection whom I wanted soooooo badly. and isn't that model just adorable?
found here

ps- if you could only see me right now... blasting bob marley all to myself and loving it!


  1. I wish I still wore underwear because I would totally get that for myself (not that it would fit, but you get the point). Thanks for keeping me up to date on the latest fashions- love love love all this stuff.

  2. that last comment was me- not some creeper :)

  3. haha - eve's comment makes me laugh. that would be funny if you got an anonymous "i wish i still wore underwear". haha. i love all of these things! that bird print is to die for (or to kill for as rolfe says)!

  4. eve- so glad you cleared that up, really. i was racking my brain trying to figure out who "non" was?! haha i've gotten comments from non before. good to know it's you:)

  5. Yay for Bob! So glad you love your surroundings, reading your blog makes me happy!

  6. Chels, you always amaze me by finding the cutest things. Really! Love it and I am in love with your new little rosette clips. You are so talented and continue to amaze me. So I am totally having a downer day because 2 more of London's close friends are moving ): I think it is so funny that I am already stressing over her social life. Just wanted you to know that we both miss you guys!


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