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posted on: 2.03.2010

Did you hear?

 Jonathan Adler has made the plunge into kiddie decor! Jonathan Adler Jr. I could not be any more excited!!!!! Can you tell? (picture me jumping up and down and singing)!
My obsession with him started when I set foot into his SF store, and then again in Nyc (where I had a very embarrassing hot flash). I have a complete design crush on him, and feel jealous when I look at his pillows that I didn't think of them first (because I'm just sure if I had thought harder I would have).

Anywho, he gave a sneak peek at the New York International Gift Fair
and here is what he showed...

Get. Ready. To. Die.

I mean the pear mirror, the needlepoint apple pillows, the rug. oh, that rug! 

I love how whimsical, cheerful, and fresh everything looks! It's not at all baby-ish, but perfectly suitable for a baby.
(notice the white lacquer bookshelf. absolute perfection.)

Now I really really want another baby.
see, these important decisions like childbirth, should always be based around the "their" potential decor. all the other things like timing, money, circumstance will just work themselves out.

ps- head over here to see what's in the works for tatertot spring!


  1. of course, how could you plan another pregnancy without suitable nursery inspiration...I totally get it:) I'm with you...LOVE,LOVE me some Jonathan Adler!

  2. I completely agree, you should have another baby (ha ha ha!) With how stinking cute Tate is and with the possibilities of decor it is a must!

  3. So so so cute! Do not worry that I have already bought something from etsy for my future in 2 years. You gotta grab it while you can (: And please have another baby. You guys make the most perfect offspring. How is your etsy shop coming? How are you? Email me so we can chat. loves

  4. this is making me salivate. lovely, very lovely.

  5. Oh, love this too! You've always had the best taste, thanks for sharing. Hope you guys are doing well!


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