Our Humble Abode

posted on: 2.01.2010

Here is our lovely apartment, called Fortune. It's a 5 minute walk to campus, and 10 minutes to the beach. Although this is truly a humble abode (1 bedroom!) we are really happy here. It's sooo much better than our last place and we'll definitely be here until the end. it's amazing what a clean & comfortable place will do for your spirits.
(our front door is right behind all those dark red plants you see on the ground... oh, and the sidewalk chalk box)

looking out onto the front lawn, and our neighboring complex.

(i understand this is one of the more boring posts... it's mostly for my family, so feel free to log off at ant moment:)

family room
okay, here it is... in all it's 1 bedroom, white wall glory. 
we are very lucky to not only have 1, but 2 couches. our last place had 0.

i didn't bother picking up, so this is a real glimpse into what it looks like

details that make me happy

bedroom, for the 3 of us.
 we just love tate so much we never want to be away from her:)

hallway and bathroom
can you even believe all my clothes down here fit into that tiny closet?
i'm pretty proud.

There you have it! Now pa-lease come visit us so you can see it in person!!


  1. I love being able to picture where you live. I think it's beautiful. And, if that's what your house looks like messy, please never visit my house again (but really do, just don't judge). Love you.

  2. I think it is absolutely darling (all things considered) And love the wall art with the "Keep Calm and Carry ON" I need to get that for my house (ha ha ha!) P.S. Red Rock beach is beautiful, I want to come for a vacation!

  3. Okay...that's cuter then my apartment and I live in the states!! That truly is so much better then your old place!! I'm so glad you moved there..even if it is only a 1 bedroom. Totally love all the decorations, and LOVE the target clock. Got to go find me one of those. I'm so glad we've finally seen were you live. Now I'll go look at flights to come visit. :)

  4. chels i love it. how on earth do you make anything look stylish? i feel the same way as eve that it's cuter than my place here! ahhh. start an interior design business asap. and i must say - i love all the bright colors... the building you look out onto and the colored cabinets. it's caribbean chic. good work and a+ move!

  5. So cute! You've done a way good job with what you've got. Do you have a Target there? (that might be a dumb question) Or did you get those things while you were here?

  6. I am totally with you on the whole idea of a better apartment making SO MUCH difference. And I adore having couches. It may have saved my life. Congratulations on your find.

  7. I had the same "dumb" question as my sister! You are darling and make everything around you darling! I loved this post.

  8. Fenton sisters... definitely no target here! Not a dumb question, how could you know? No target, no walmart, no anything. not even a grocery store with more than 3 isles:)

  9. I LOVE your humble abode; hence, I want to live there in THE worst way. Thanks for posting wonderful pictures of it, I can't wait for my mom to see. And thanks for complimenting me on my swim attire; I actually had most of it before I came to the island, just never wore, cause I didn't want to ruin. Well this semester I don't care about ruining anything, yay for not caring!

  10. This is so adorable. I love it Chels! The colors, the light, and your personal touch make it all look so inviting. Very proud of you on the closet consolidation BTW!

  11. I am loving your cute little cozy home! You guys look so happy there. I'm dying over all of your pictures - you have captured some amazing ones!

  12. I love your place! I am glad you are happy and comfortable there. It makes ALL the difference.
    I am so bad at commenting on your blog but I really do keep up. You guys really are living the dream down there :)
    And Zella wears her Tatertot clips almost everyday. I love them!!!

  13. Really? I love it! It looks absolutely charming. What a fun experience you guys are having. Looking back when we lived in london in a small one bedroom flat, we were truly so so happy living our simple little life, just the three of us. Live it up my friend! Before you know it you'll be back in good ol' USA longing for your simple days at the beach! Fun to see where you are living!

  14. LOVE it! and PS I think you should post my house as a comparison- so that people can see what the alternative is... :) I Love your house.

  15. OH MY. How CUTE CUTE CUTE is this?! I LOVE it! I love your colorful kitchen! I think it's perfect! Can we sleep in your room if we come visit? What's another 3 people?! ;)

  16. This place is so great! It really does look so much nicer. I'm glad you found it. And the kitchen cabinets are adorable. Do you like them? I LOVE them. I think they are so cheerful.


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