our family

posted on: 2.20.2010

a portrait of "our family" tate tells us.
looks a tad dark, don'tcha think?

Anyone want to psycho-analyze this?


  1. i see 3 distinct faces. 2 overlapping each other on the left side and one on the right. all smiling. :) i think it's cute. :)

  2. my analysis of tate's interpretation: she sees her dad as a dedicated loving father who works hard and plays hard. She views her mother as very charismatic and loving to all especially her daughter, and miss tate's view of herself: as one who is deeply loved but misses her old neighbors back on dearborn still to this day.

    -she's one talented little artist.

  3. I love tate! what a beautiful family you have!

  4. You have a gorgeous family!
    You are very fortunate to be living in the Caribbean.


  5. i love this post! as a preschool teacher myself, my interpretation of this is "typical preschooler art!" this is the type of stuff we see from kids her age all the time & it is so funny to hear them explain what they have drawn to you! i just smile & nod. :)

    and chels, your comment made my day, no, my year, no...my life! you are probably the most gorgeous & fashionable woman i know, so receiving a compliment from you was just too sweet. thank you! wish you were here so you could coach me on the rest of my outfits and help me perfect my wardrobe. there would be no one better. you would be disgusted by my lack of color, though, i'm so bland- wish i could pull of bright & bold like you can.

    ps. island life totally suits you. you look tan, radiant, gorgeous & happy. love the curly hair & the bright, genuine smiles.



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