making me happy monday

posted on: 2.22.2010

1. this gal, who although is testing my patience every second, just says the darndest things.
Like yesterday while doing playdough asks me with complete sincerity 
"how was your day mom"?
and then when I returned the question to her said
"mine was pretty cool, thanks for asking"
like we were friends chatting over lunch

and who with wyatt the other night spotted a star in the cloud filled sky and while gazing sweetly up said
"i wish i might, i wish i might"
all very serious and with pondering eyes
(trying to repeat what she hears jiminy cricket say when he looks at the stars)

2. (as if anything can top #1)... finding a new laundry lady who doesn't bleach out all our clothes and return them hard, wrinkled, and 4 sizes bigger.

3. skyping with family last night and hearing about everyone's upcoming adventures

4. plans to go "white water tubing" down the Layou River this Thursday!! woo-woo!

5. finding 6 diet cokes at the chinese store and buying them all, regardless of their $2 a piece price tag (they're just small cans).
you know my lunch today will be amazing because it will be accompanied by cold iced diet coke.

5. good music on my doc, sunny skies out the window, and time for myself to hit the gym (before my 2 get home)...

gotta run!

Happy Monday!


  1. Such a great post! I can't wait to get some Tate time...I love her conversations, among other things:) So happy that you're happy, but I miss talking with you! Let's skype tonight! Love you!!

  2. Your day sounds completely dreamy. It was SO SO SO good to talk to you guys last night! It made me so excited to see you in a couple weeks. We wish Wy were coming too. :( Tate is too cute. See must brighten up any bad day. Hope you continue to have a happy Monday!!

  3. wow, those stories of tate are so amazingly darling i just don't know what to think! how do i make a child like that? i want her carbon copy of a child in my own one day. so fun chatting with you guys!! it made my week! week sounds amazing. enjoy your diet cokes!

  4. such a great monday....and horray for finding diet coke!!!

  5. You need to find a new mamasita and quick! I know your wardrobe and that is just unacceptable. :) What is about kids and testing our patience... mine is on a streak as well... yikes. But I'd let Tate, she is such a doll! Well I cannot, cannot wait for your return!!

    Loves and yay's for your DC's!

  6. your little miss tate is too cute! sounds like a pretty monday!

  7. it sounds dreamy, chels. and the stories about tate are too cute. she completely sounds like she is turning into a little lady!

    loved your go-to outfit & totally left a question for you below your comment. i need your help, so come on over & share your wealth of fashion knowledge, woman!

  8. Miss that Tate! (And you and Wy too.) It will be fun to see you guys! Enjoy your cokes and tubing. What fun!

  9. So cute! I can hardly wait to talk to her myself next month. The gym and diet cokes -- I love it. And, by the way, you are looking tan and svelte and Wyatt is looking mighty buff!

  10. sorry i know this is totally random, but your skin seriously is so pretty! not to sound like that psycho girl at nailed that remembered every detail about you... but it looks gorge in all of your recent pics - perfectly tan and smooth - something i'll never have!

    congrats on the diet cokes too!


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