making me happy monday

posted on: 2.15.2010

lots and lots to be happy about this monday... but mostly i'm still on a high from a date last night (our first on the island) with my man for valentine's.

we got a sitter. thanks jenkins:)
headed down south to sunset bay
and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the beach and dinner.

during dinner i gave wyatt this...

i had to get creative this year, having no money and no where to buy anything.
making something was the only option, and as cheesy as it may be, 
he really loved it.

i used some leftover tatertot fabric, and decided "anchors" was the most manly fabric of them all (although that giant red heart on the front doesn't help:)

stitched up an envelope...

and a love letter to match.


  1. I have come to the conclusion that YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF CREATIVITY! I want to glean some from you! Such a sweet valentine, AND the picture of you two is ADORABLE.

  2. this is amazing! you truly have a gift.

  3. you make me feel bad about myself. how do you always create the neatest things in the world?

  4. OH MY ADORABLE!!! That's the cutest valentine I've ever seen... seriously. YOu're so creative. I love the saying to tie in the fabric... and so meaningful. Awesome! xoxox I bought my card at Rite Aid! ha ha ha! ;)

  5. What a sweet valentine! My goal is to be thoughtful and creative like Chelsea when my kids are in Kindergarten next year. (Yeah right.)


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