Making me Happy Monday

posted on: 2.08.2010

hello friends. 
what? bummed it's monday?
here are some things that may cheer you up.
they worked for me.

all from j.crew, and all dreamy. especially that suit... seriously adorable!

sandy bums at the beach

soaking up sun with friends over the weekend

this new rug from angela adams... i'm picturing it in tate's "future room", along with some of that jonathan adler jr. loot.

- tate getting a new doll, which she immediately named Goffy, and at the sight of her backside said "holy smokes, she's got a huge bum bum". then affectionately saying she's "goffy, with the holy smokes bum"!

this room. 
isn't it beautiful & cheery! i would like to transport everything into my own home.
i think it's perfect.

- wyatt just finishing his midterm (which he's been gone all week studying for) and feeling pretty good about it. Which means... we're off to the beach to celebrate.

Happy Monday!


  1. I heart you J.Crew... you never disappoint! And your ideas for Tate's new room... love! Makes me want to do a new room for Taedon. And don't feel bad about last Monday. Taedon had the big d last week (first day back from the hospital) and decided to take the plunger and "clean" up! Yep, Andrew wasn't there and I was already on my hands and knees. Thought I might walk right out the front door. You're a great mom Chels, that is one thing I know for sure so keep on keepin on! Love and miss you like crazy!

  2. Holy smOkes...those are some sandy bum bums!! So happy that you're having a happy Monday....and congrats to Wy on another midterm down! Have a great day! Love you guys and miss you all!

  3. I love the sandy beach bums, and hate how i am snuggling Paige. I guess i thought we were crowding together. Anyway, you have excellent taste.

  4. I'm wild about the new J.Crew swimsuits too. Especially the one you posted. Couldn't be any cuter. And, love Tate's little beach bum and your amazing tan. Seriously - you look so fab. Makes me feel so pasty.

    And, I LOVE that room! The pops of color? Fabulous. It looks like you.

    Miss your beautiful self.


  5. As I sit here in the 40 degree weather bundled up in my sweats I am so jealous of you sitting in your swimsuit on that beautiful beach...So for now I will have to live vicariously through you:)

  6. sounds like you had a delightful monday. fun fun. now tell me about these purple shoes on the top right. i want to get them but i can't seem to find them... can you email me the link? oh and tate's wedgy bum is so cute and that room and rug are just fab. miss you guys!


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