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posted on: 2.16.2010

Last week I took a day trip, sans Tate, to Bense Pool with some friends. It was a BLAST! It's about a 30 minute hike through the jungle, passing a locals tin shack, banana and yam trees, a river, with parrtos chirping in the treetops.

Our guide, Victor, literally grew up in the forest, so this was his home. He knew about every plant and tree and what their purpose here was. The tree above, is what locals would use to build a canoe, and also what Victor used as bubblegum as a child. "You just give it a slice with your machete, and chew on the sap", he told us. I was amazed by his knowledge and love for the jungle and jokingly said to him "this is like your second home", he laughed and said- no it's like my first home.

The reward... Bense Pool

I had all sorts of great video of this, but can't seem to get it to work at the moment.
This is Bense Pool, a super rad place to cliff jump and slide down a natural rock waterslide (the waterfall). See me? I'm standing on the rocks to your right... waiting to jump. 

It was a BLAST!!! I had no idea how exhilarating it would be to cliff jump in the middle of a rainforest into the most beautiful natural blue pool. If I could do that every morning, I think I would be happy all day. It just felt so fun!
For the record, I did also try the waterslide and glad I did. But the jumping was much more fun!

A little snack... Victor broke a coconut for us to snack on

Lindsey, Steph and myself feelin pretty good!

See Victor up there... ready to dive. They are such fearless people.

Proof that our guide Victor really did grow up in these jungles... he hikes in Rastafari jellies!
How sweet are those puppies.

me and Kelly

* I'll keep trying to get the video working, it's really fun to see part of the hike, the locals shack, and all of us jumping and sliding!
Anyone know how to sync Flip's with Mac's?


  1. how amazing. i'm so impressed that you'll jump off cliffs. i'm such a wuss when it comes to those things! you're looking quite beautiful and skinny! i'm sure the weird food and lack of foods that you love help! i may need to move there for a few months :)

  2. amazing. nothing more to say. can you believe you live here?!! and you look awesome in the swim suit girl!!

  3. can i tell you i love looking at your blog. this life you are living there is incredible! you are so lucky to be experiencing such a different culture. thanks for sharing it with us all. it is my dream to move away for a few years and explore. i changed my blog name and made it not private and i am so glad you found it! we can keep in touch! and that little Tate of yours is such a doll.

  4. great pics! looks like a blast! :)

    videos: you can put the video clips from your camera in your iphoto, then open imovie, create a movie by dragging and dropping the clips you want, then exporting your movie to youtube, and copy the embed code from youtube into your html for the post on your blog... sounds more complex than it is. let me know if you need help, i have a mac too. :)

  5. How amazing, I'm not going to lie I really envy all the amazing things you are getting to do. We went to Mesquite and went down a man made slide at the Casa Blanca and I was feeling pretty good about that, that is until I saw your post (ha ha ha!) I'll trade ya if you want!


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