His day off

posted on: 2.18.2010

Wyatt had Monday off, for Carnival (a huge Dominican holiday that celebrates the abolishment of slavery). It was the perfect long valentine's weekend, and we spent it at an amazing beach with friends.

Most beaches here require a hike down to enjoy. It's not like on the coasts in America where you can drive to any beach and cruise the boardwalk for the best spot. We hire a driver, he takes us to the trailhead and we hike down in... towels, buckets, lunches and all.

About 15 minutes in, we spot this breathtaking view of the beach we are headed to... and know it's going to be a fabulous day!

Meet Batibou Bay.

Light soft sand that literally feels like you're walking on powdered sugar trickles through your toes, quiet waves and crystal clear water...

voted best beach, by me.

me, Sarah Jenkins, Liz Prince, Liz Frederick

For so many obvious reasons, it's nice to have Wyatt on these trips with us, but I noticed just how nice it was to lay out, and just chat with girlfriends without having to keep one eye on the conversation and one on your child:)

Jesse Jenkins and the kiddos build sand castles

Tate and Wyatt do what Tate insists they must always do at the beach... run from waves!

This girl is CRAZY about her daddy.

Ben Prince climbs palms... his wife tells him if he falls, she's not nursing him back to health:)

The girls find adventure in the nearby river & Emmy decides it's much more fun naked... 
like the locals do it.

I got some loves from my beach babe

A lonely palm sways on the mountainside

This day was one of my favorites on the island so far, and I'm seeing a trend in these "favorite" days of mine.


If I could spend more time with him on this island, I have no doubt I would love this island.

It's just all so much better when he can come. I love him (and his luscious locks).


  1. Looks like you guys had a BLAST! We'll for sure have to come next time you guys go. I love the pics- my fave is... oh, I can't even say, they are ALL just perfect! And may I say you are looking amazing, Chelsea!

  2. what a beautiful island and darling children!! i am so glad you guys are having so much fun!!!!

  3. Seriously, your home looks like HEAVEN to me right now. And you look so happy! I'm glad that Wy has had some time to explore and enjoy the island a little more with you guys. And Miss Tate... she really IS in heaven! You are really taking some great pictures! I love the one of you and Tate walking towards the camera and opposite of that (Tate and her dad).... how precious.

  4. seriously that looks like heaven on earth! love the pictures. you're all beautifully tanned and gorgeous. i'm pasty as can be stuck in my office, looking out to the gray sky. wish i were with you guys right now!

  5. P.S. I think Jo is slightly jealous of Wy's TAN LEAN figure and luscious sun bleached locks! WOOOO HOOOOO Wy!!! ;))))

    What a good lookin' fam!

  6. Oh how do you always manage to get the best and cutest pictures of Wyatt and Tate. Speaking of....I never saw the painting. I would love to see it if you have a picture of it. I am still waiting for the day when I capture the perfect pic of my kids....sitting still and smiling. Yeah right!! That beach looks so beautiful. I am really jealous!! So we went to the children's museum today. London says, "Mom, Tate cannot come because she is in Dominica." And then with a really loud and excited tone she yells, "But we should just go pick her up!!" If it were only that simple.

  7. so fun...i love all the pics. i love the pic of you and your beach babe with sand on your sholders...i want to play at the beach!!!

  8. You have the cutest family. I am totally jealous right now. 8 months pregnant and wanting to be an island far away. I love your swimsuit I must now where you find such cute things. Miss you and can't wait to see you soon.

  9. Looks like a fun day off - love all the cute pictures. The beach looks so nice right about now.

    And yes - loved your Valentine's match box idea. I remember seeing it on your blog last year and really wanting to try it - we (I guess I should say "I") had so much fun doing it - and yes so easy. My kind of arts and craft project.

    Hope things are going well for you guys!!

  10. Wow, Wyatt's biceps look huge in the picture of he and Tate in the water. . . I can't decide if he has been hitting the gym hard or if you are an amazing photographer. probably both. I guess those early morning stroller rides to preschool have really paid off.
    From now on you are the only person allowed to take my picture in a bathing suit.


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