posted on: 2.25.2010

Had a blast today floating down the largest of Dominica's 365 rivers- Layou.
We took 3 of the 11 miles like pro's and I was even able to snap some photos along the extremely tumultuous ride:) oh, and lay out too.

Liz Prince and myself. 
She leaves in April, and I won't even go into just how sad I will be when she's gone. The locals too, they have taken quite a liking to her and her "eyes":)

Even though it wasn't as rough a ride as I would have hoped, it was still wonderfully relaxing and fun to just float down and bask in the sun.

About every couple minutes we'd get some excitement with rapids and it just made me crave more. I really LOVE watersports!

a cool and creepy tree lurking down on us

Log jam, and we thought it a perfect time to join tubes and sing coom by yah. You think I'm joking?

"Our group", mostly spouses of students, and one visting mom.

Mom and Dad... doesn't this look fun to do?


  1. Your life seems adventurous and fun. it was a joy stumbling across your blog :)

  2. of course this happens while I 'm GONE- fun :) and the pic of you and Liz is so very cute!

  3. Oh those pictures make me so excited for summer...we might not be floating down a beautiful river in dominica but the provo river will have to do (ha ha ha!)

  4. sign us up for when we're there! How will we ever fit in all these adventures? Counting the days!!!

  5. Looks great! What a fun trip!


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