Cheered me right up

posted on: 2.05.2010

had a record bad day today. the first of it's kind. the kind where your child decides to turn into the devil, you get 2 hits sqaure in the face, they serve 6 time outs, and you swear up and down that you're never having another child- kind of day.

called wyatt to see when he'd be home, and couldn't help but burst into tears about what an exhausting day this has been. 10 minutes later i logged into my email and saw one from him. it said... sorry you had such a bad day. here's something to cheer you up.

and it did. a lot.

it's one of our favorite things, and something that never fails to make us laugh hysterically.
if you've already seen it (which i'm sure most of you have) then enjoy it again. if it's your first time hearing this, get ready to die, and you can thank me (or wyatt actually) later. 

thank you babe.


  1. Oh...our kids must be on the same schedule. Finn was also the devil in disguise. I actually took a video with my cell phone of her throwing herself on the ground in the middle of the mall just so Mitch would really understand what kind of day I was having. I think it just pissed her off even more! Oh well. Good thing we have husbands that no how to cheer us up. Mine...well, a raspberry sherbet cone from Baskin Robbins.

  2. Chris and I are obsessed with the video...we always laugh about his business socks (ha ha ha!) Glad to hear that it helped to cheer you up, I swear don't you love kids...especially when they make your life feel like your living on the set of "Super Nanny!"

  3. that was SO funny! i had seen that a while ago, but totally forgot about it! glad you got cheered up. here's too a better day today! :)

  4. Funny how they can be so cute, but so the opposite some days. You are such a good momma Chels.

  5. hahahaha I had never seen that before! I am in my room. by myself. laughing out loud at this. a little embarrassing I know! ha Do you guys watch more of their videos, are they all that funny, I have heard so much about them but have never watched them! Any other suggestions! Hope today is better, Love you!

  6. It just never gets old!! Thanks for passing on a belly laugh to all of us:) And, I'm sorry Tate was happens to the best of them! Hope the spell passed quickly and she was back to her usually charming self! Love you guys...and counting the days!

  7. Ok, so I might be the only person who hasn't seen that and I LOVED IT! thanks for sharing it. I had a day myself and it completely cheered me up.


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