posted on: 2.27.2010

meet avery and lucy.
officially tate's bff's.

there isn't a day that goes by that we don't see one of them, 
when we're not with them tate is asking where they are.

they adore eachother and it's SO much fun to watch that.

here they are at the Prince's doing what they do best.
no, not destroying the Prince's bed, althogh unfortunately that also happened (embarrassing)

(and picking their nose if your name is tate)

i know i will be very sad to leave my friends when this adventure is over, but i can't even let myself think of just how sad tate will be.

they really have become more like sisters, these 3, and to tate the highlight of her days.


  1. so sweet. It really is such a riot to watch them play together, such fun times.

  2. how fun and such cute girlies!!!! and that river float looked awesome!!! oh man we need the sun to come out!!! glad you are having so much fun!

  3. What cute little friends! Tate's hair is getting so long.

  4. Girlfriends are the best!!! It's so fun to see the pure JOY on their faces:)

  5. i love thoses pic of the bff's...its my favorite thing when i see my kids with their friends!!

  6. it is so fabulous when your kids have good friends. that is so cute though of them on the bed! xo

  7. So adorable...kind of reminds me of my cute little best friend growing up, only we met in Mrs. Kane's kindergarten class but I know there was giggling and I'm sure some picking of noses (ha ha ha!)

  8. I love that she's found cute friends there!! How fun..and so cute jumping on the bed.

  9. your beautiful toe head is just so adorable with her best friends. i'm sure it makes being away a million times better when you have great friends to share the experience with. i'm so happy for little taters!


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