Around Town: Dominica

posted on: 2.09.2010

a snapshot of what i see on my daily walks, as random as they may be.
this is where we live.

obviously, james store: the grocery/ where to buy a machete store

"the candybar wall", as tate would say

yeah, ? is right. no idea what these signs (seen all around) mean.

their version of "starbucks"

a friendly reminder: left hand driving around here

a garbage pile right across from our apartment. probably waiting to be burned.
all garbage is piled up where ever there is open ground and burned.
makes for a lovely scent.

locals selling delicacies

just in case they may, years down the road, want to add another floor, most apartments are left roofless and look like this.

palms swaying over rooftops

 lovely hot pink stucco

 locals taking a backseat, in the bed.

*this photo not taken on my walk, but rather at the beach this weekend
a local builds their house upon the beach. 

beautiful sunset seen last night. 
see the cool sailing cruise ship to the left of the sun?


  1. We live in the CRAZIEST place! But so many beautiful sights, however, I really can say that the whole don't-finish-the-roof-because-we-might-want-to-add-another-floor-in-2-years drives me INSANE! Oh, and the garbage piles, lovely. Great pics!

  2. Love all the random shots. The question marks are from a political issue that one party raised about another. I guess they'll leave them up, even though the election is over. I loved the beach group shot - who took the picture? So fun and miss it all!

  3. I want to steal this whole post- words and all- and I just might! :)

  4. You missed one thing you see juice man. please update the blog! ha that must be blog worthy?!

  5. I'm so glad you did this! I love getting a visual of where you are! And GREAT photos I might add! ;)

  6. Okay that makes me so excited to come visit. What an entertaining place to live. Can't wait to see all the craziness sometime soon!

    P.S. You're coming in 5 weeks!?!?! Wahoo!! What are the dates exactly? Chels, you know I'm always up for a movie. However, you'll be shocked to know that I haven't seen anything in like a month. What is happening to me? I'll have a lot of flicks to catch up on when you get here so it's perfect. We'll go to all of them together.

  7. You are so lucky...that whole one stop shopping thing!! We have to go to the grocery store and then the machete store:)
    Love the pictures and can't wait to see it in person.

  8. chels! How fun that you may be coming to florida! we will for sure still be here! and coconut grove is right by us- that would be so fun! you'll have to keep me updated :)

  9. so fun to see!! i love this post. and might i add (since i was out of town all last week and didn't comment at all) that i think your new apartment is adorable! such a step up from last semester. i'm so glad you have a more comfortable home! i seriously can't wait to see you in 5 weeks! that's so exciting! i for sure want to come to the movies with you and eve. i'm so behind as well so i'd love an excuse to indulge. miss you guys! love you!

  10. Chelsea, loving all of your posts and especially pictures. You have become quite the photographer! What camera are you using and how are you getting such cool rounded corners, etc.. on your blog?

  11. I don't think I have complimented you enough on your ever improving photography skills. Its happened slowly over the years, and the new camera and mac have not hurt, but you have become about as good as someone without any training could become. Well done.


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