Today you are 3

posted on: 1.20.2010

Miss Tate,
Today you are 3.
Today you weigh 27 pounds and are 35 inches tall, still a peanut
Today you love telling stories, mostly about baby Susie
Today you are the caretaker for many- Baby Susie, Brayda, Jill, Spot, Benny, Benny Jr., Tootie, Dining, and Bon. You name them yourself. They are your best friends
Today you love fishy crackers, pastrami & avocado sandwiches, and mickey mouse pancakes
Today you ask me to cuddle, often
Today you are short, tan, and muscular. Still got that cute pot belly from last year
Today you like to wear stripes, anything with stripes is "cool" you say
Today you are extremely observant, have a keen sense of direction, and remember everything
Today you are independent and persistent
Today you like to wear band aids for your stomach aches, and mentholatum on your lips at night
Today you dance, very freely and without reservation, always taking a bow after
Today you like Cinderella, singing, and cutting paper
Today you adore your friends and cousins
Today you have a quirky smile. Top lip tucked under, nose scrunched
Today you can run fast, and have a sure foot
Today you are sweet, very sweet
Today you like to swim, sled, anything with your daddy, and always outside
Today you are practicing how to ask politely for things, and how to put your clothes on
Today your days are imaginative and full of make believe
Today you like your hair in one pony tail, not two
Today you are shy around strangers
Today you make people smile, on the street, everywhere we go
Today you are the highlight of my day!
I love you Miss Tate, Happy Birthday sweetheart.


  1. Oh happy birthday miss tate! i sure miss your cute face and your sweet voice. i hope you have a happy happy birthday. london just adores you and thinks you are super special. she asks about you often. love you tate!

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    It's Amy Earl Boyack. I must admit I have stumbled upon your blog, and it is adoable. What an adventure for your fam in the Dominican.
    Weird question...I am looking into child care p/t for my little guy, and found a lady in your old neighborhood, and was hoping to get your opinion, and everything you know about her:) Her name is Kathleen Ward. She told me her good friend is renting your house. Anyway, I am calling on referneces, and getting info, and was hoping to get your opinion. Can you e-mail me?
    Thanks a million. And Happy B-day to your darling Tate.

  3. Will you write a "today" list for me? You are a darling mom!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Tate! Avie, Eliza and I miss you and all your adorable babies with the most adorable names. Hope your day is full of fun in the sun. Love you, little doll. xoxo

    (And we love your cute, creative Mommy who does these clever, lovely posts.)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Tate!!! Love you so much!
    -Chels, cutest post ever, you are so great!! Love you as well!

  6. Happy Birthday darling girl -- have a wonderful day! We MISS you!
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa Pat

  7. Well said babe, we love you Tate. Lets go to the beach really soon. Love, Daddy

  8. happy birthday tate! we are so happy that you decided to come to the island,and that you are such a sweet friend to lucy. we love you!

  9. Happy Birthday Tate! I wish we could all have a big celebration with baby Susie and the gang. I hope you guys have a wonderful day celebrating and we'll being thinking of you!

    p.s. Chels- I promise an update is coming very very soon. I'm getting annoyed with myself for being such a slacker. :(

  10. Happy Birthday Miss Tate! We love you and wish we could be there to share your birthday celebration with you! One more "today"...Today you are loved and missed by your grandma and papa! Have a great, fun, exquisite birthday!!! Lucy says Happy Birthday too!!

    And Chels, THIS is officially the cutest post ever!

  11. Happy Birthday Miss Tate!!! We love you.

  12. happy birthday tate!! what a big girl you are now! :)

  13. Happy Birthday Tate from Abby & Holli! And adorable post Chels.

  14. LOVE THE POST! such fun things to remember about the sweetest girl in the world! so sad we don't actually get to spend the day with her but i hope she knows how much her family loves and misses her. give her a big hug from her aunt dru and tell her that i love her guts! hope baby susie and the gang throw her a huge party! :) love you guys!

  15. ah! sweetest post ever- please stop posting blogs that make me tear.

  16. Today I can't believe that you are THREE!! You are such a babe who will hopefully marry my son one day! Hope you get the best spoilin' around. Happy Happy Birthday Tate!!

  17. Happy Birthday Miss Tate!! We love and miss you and can hardly believe that you are already 3 years old! What a beautiful little lady you are! We wish we could throw you a big party on the beach.
    Kisses- Nate, Erin, Tess, David, Will & Nora

  18. happy birthday taters! i miss you so much! hope you ate a delicious hot dog on your big day. oh and congrats on your med school ambitions.

    chels - love this post and the one about the first day of school! it made me cry. plan a layover here soon... oh and you better come to miami. i'll pitch in.

    maddie and matt

  19. happy birthday miss thing!!! you are a doll!


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