Soaking up the Snow... before the sun

posted on: 1.03.2010

Seeing as this is our last weekend in snowy Utah (boo) we thought it best to soak up all the snow we could.
The New Years Day snow proved to be perfect, and this darling cowboy snowman was built by Wyatt and Tate... he's perfect!
The next morning we hit up Ruth's diner for a little pick me up, and then headed off to the slopes... the sledding slopes. The above two pictures show exactly just how excited Tate was to be going.
Pray for her, that that smile doesn't stick.
We honestly had a BLAST! On the way home Wy and I were talking about how great it is that the simplest things are what bring kids the most joy. We had Tate doing her gut laugh the whole time and nothing is better than that!
I may or may not have been screaming louder than tate.
She first started out only wanting to go doubled up. After a few "practice runs" (and maybe a sneaky push from me:) she agreed to go down riding next to Wy.
Half way down the hill she was yelling at Wyatt to "let go... I do it by myself!"
She got a kick out of flying down that hill and toppling over at the bottom.
What a trooper, she even wanted to carry her own sled back up:)
We're off on Tuesday... out of the snow and into the sun!
Although I'm sad to leave friends, family and comforts, I am excited to feel the warm sun again. Let's hope that excitement lasts a little longer this time:)


  1. What, you mean Dominica is not comfortable? Ha ha, I'm sure you will be just fine- I always hated January in Utah anyway- the holidays are over and the snow is no longer magical, just a nuisance to drive in. And have no fear, I would even venture to say that the weather there was delightful when we left!

  2. How cute are those pictures. You even look so cute and stylish sledding. I am so sad you are leaving. Although are hang outs were short and few, I had so much fun! You are the best Chels and good luck going back into your new apartment. Cannot wait to see pics. Yeah for no bugs! I will try to call you before you are off!

  3. Um, is Wyatt sledding in shorts? Crazy. Anyway, the weather here really is delightful. None of us believed it would really cool off, but it did. See you soon. :)

  4. i think i may just pray that that special smile sticks around. i think it's hilarious!! cute pictures!

  5. thank goodness i am not the only one who noticed wyatt was in shorts?!!! what?! :)

  6. Oh my goodness so much fun. Ok first of all Tate couldn't be more cute, and even that smile was adorable. Love that your hubby was wearing shorts (it reminds me of my dad, we can't get him to wear pants during the winter!) And so Jealous that you get to get out of the snow, I hope you guys have a safe trip back and enjoy the adventure!

  7. Oh dear...I think that island heat has fried some of Wy's brain cells. Sledding in shorts? Really?

    I'm sad we didn't get an official goodbye. But maybe it's better that way anyway. It's just too sad. BUT Nate and I are really serious about coming to visit you guys. When would be a good time???

  8. she has THE cutest smile. fun pictures!


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