red rock haven

posted on: 1.31.2010

dear red rock haven, 

thank you for introducing yourself to me. i loooved getting to know you. you have the most beautiful grounds of any place i've seen on the island yet, and i wanted to spend all day with you. thank you for the wonderful food, comfy adironack chairs, lighter sand, shower, and endless sun. thank you for looking like how i'd like the caribbean to look. we will most definitely be coming back, soon.
 i must tell you, you are by far, my favorite place on the entire island. i almost had to pinch myself to make sure you weren't just a dream.

xo, me

out of the car, and a short 2 minute walk later, we were greeted by this scene. we had all day to lounge on the beach, eat at the delicious restaurant, and shower off after (that's a big deal here- no beaches have showers)!

red rock haven is a resort/spa, with a great private beach and delicious restaurant under the canopy of the palms... see, paradise.

among our friends there was avery, one of tate's best friends! 
they had a blast together and are such funny little friends- having private conversations, making up games, and being very silly most of the time. 

classic avery. although always happy, avery has the most adorable pouty mouth. 

speaking of mouths, pretty sure hers could not get any bigger. yikes.

making cupcakes, they told us.


this is caleb, avery's rolly little brother who smiles on demand at the sight of anyone.
beach babe. how we will ever not live by a beach again?

my friend sarah, beautiful mother to avery and caleb

the ocean views were spectacular. i could have stayed there literally all day. next time i go, i am.

best little friends

goodbye red rock haven, we'll be back soon. very soon!


  1. Oh my gosh. This is gorgeous! And your pictures are absolutely fabulous. Such cute kiddos. xoxo

  2. Those pictures were spectacular, it's the only word I feel describes them adequately, just so amazing. Tate is a model in every one. I'm so glad you went there to check it out; I'll for sure be coming next time.

  3. maybe that's where mom and dad should stay :) Give my little button a hug and kiss from us. xoxo

  4. are you kidding me....i CAN NOT believe you are hangin out at that beautiful place!! wow, so amazing.

  5. There's a spa on Dominica?! Where is it? How long did it take to get there?

  6. That last comment is actially from me, Pat. I am staying with Meekers for a few days while Erin and Nate are in Boise.

  7. This is where I'm staying when I come to visit!! Looks dreamy...

  8. Maybe you shouldn't go back there until oh, maybe March 17th!! We don't want you to get sick of it, cuz it looks like that's where we'll be spending ALOT of time! I'm so excited! And your pictures totally do it justice! Nice job!

  9. love the bangs! she just keeps getting cuter. didn't know it was possible. and that beach looks to dreamy. i hope one day to spend a week there with you!

  10. Tate is gorgeous! Can you even believe how beautiful she is? How are you Chelsea? You look like you are living the life! :)

  11. Okay, now I'm just jealous.


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