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posted on: 1.26.2010

Some of you know us really well (too well), and some not so much. I like the first better, so in an attempt to "open up" more (something I'm working on) here's a little about US.
you may be confused by this, thinking "chelsea, you are so friendly, and you blog all the time, do you really need to open up more". but the truth is, while i am very friendly, i do have a hard time opening up to new friends (something that i think has prevented me from making friends with certain people who i'd love to know better). while i'm great at chit chatting, listening, joking around, and being social, i have a hard time letting people totally in. i have only 1 friend who really knows all the good & bad about me, and maybe it's better that way? but i actually love friends, i mean i really really value a good conversation with someone i love and trust. so, here's my attempt at being more open & i'm inviting all friends new and old to join in. and because wyatt is one half of me, you couldn't completely know me unless you knew more about him too, so i'm throwing him in the mix as well:)
1. we were married in 2004, two and a half years after dating (and breaking up once). our relationship wasn't always solid. we both had doubts about each other at some point, but i know now (more than ever) that i am really really lucky he didn't let me go.
2. he went to olympus high school, had shoulder length hair, was not as shy as he is now, played football well, and drove the girls crazy. i went to skyline (go eagles!), was on drill team, wore braces, social butterfly, and barely graduated due to so many absences. life in highschool was just about playing for me.
3. he went to the u of u, graduating in economics & polysci and wanted to go to law school. then had an epiphany, went back to school for more science classes and now is in medical school. i went to the u of u, went to hairschool, then went to another hairschool, and wished i would have just done interior design.
4. my first impression of wyatt was "this guys got really nice calves". his was "this girl is confident". (i had brought my own dinner of yogurt and carrots to his friends house where i knew no one.) to him, that was a big deal. to me- i was just hungry. i wasn't planning on meeting the love of my life that night.
(in fact, i was sort of on the rebound from a loser boyfriend who had just called me to tell me he doesn't want to be together anymore... oh, and that he's engaged) hahaha.
5. i married into a family of 6 (yes, count em), 6 gorgeous sisters in law. to many it might seem intimidating (i get asked about it a lot), but i loved it and still do. after wyatt and i would hang out, usually around 2 or 3am, we'd go back to his house where all his sisters would still be up... chatting and laughing, sometimes baking in the kitchen. it was so much fun! i adore my in laws, but didn't know if his dad liked me until he gave me a full frontal hug (after we got engaged). that's a big deal for him, and it confirmed that i was now officially welcomed into the family:)
wyatt married into a family of 2 (now 3) sisters in law, and 1 (now 2) brothers in law. he thinks my family is similar to the von trapps of sound of music. "you're all so chummy, even with your cousins" he still says. i think we're more like the family from "the family stone"- there is drama, and lots of love. poor wyatt can barely get a word in though- we all love to talk.
now we both think our families are really similar.
6. we are tv people. mostly me, but i've converted wyatt a bit. at night when all is calm, our favorite thing to do is sit on the couch and narrow down our tivo'd shows for the day and decide which one we want to watch that night. i, and really just i this time, like a LOT of tv shows.
now the chelsea of yesterday would have just stopped there to save any remaining respect or ideas of class you had for me. but today, just today, i'll let you in on all the trashy tv i love...
bachelor, 24, keeping up with the kardashians, the hills, project runway, the city, the office, grey's anatomy, the rachel zoe project, snl, locked up abroad, sytycd, american idol, brothers and sisters, what not to wear, the millionaire matchmaker, flipping out, sex and the city, jon & kate plus 8 (before when they really were jon & kate)
really, i record all of those. now how's that for opening up:) you all know just how shallow i really am.
7. wyatt and i both regret not living in a city, a real city, earlier in our marriage. we both love what city life has to offer. what were we afraid of? we aren't very good at taking risks... i guess we thought wyatt's job was just too good to be replaced? but it wasn't. i think we just sort of "fell into line". we were just doing what everyone else was doing, and we weren't really thinking about what we really wanted to do. we'll never do that again, and have already made a pact to live where ever we like... places that have weather we like, neat architecture, culture, diversity, places that make us feel happy and inspired when visited. So far, we like the idea of settling in Northern California, just outside of San Francisco.
8. i don't think either one of us regrets having tate at such young ages (he was 26, i was 24). we both agree she is the best thing that's happened to us, and makes us both happier than anything else.
9. wyatt and i have a lot in common (obviously) but one thing in particular that is really fun is how he appreciates and loves beautiful things just as much as i do. we love to see, eat, and be surrounded by beautiful things. beautiful food, beautiful art, beautiful buildings, beautiful houses, beautiful books, beautiful cities, beautiful gardens... it's what inspires us the most, and we talk about the beautiful things we love often. i love having a man who totally appreciates and "gets" that.
10. i am more accepting of people from the beginning, and then slowly realize and analyze any faults they might have. wyatt is more cautious about people from the get-go. if you are his friend, you know he really likes you. i am just now (like this past year) realizing i can't be friends with everyone. i don't like everyone, and everyone certainly doesn't like me.
11. wyatt is very forgetful, it's really annoying. he always forgets where his keys are, where he put his phone (like 1 minute after he sets them down). He doesn't remember where tate's sippy cups go and we've lived here for almost a month (and there are only like 5 cupboards). something else that's really funny (that i often tease him about) is how upset he gets over like say- dropping a dirty spoon on the kitchen floor, or bumping his thigh on a coffee table... this is the only time wyatt curses. over really silly things. it's so funny.
i am very bad at being the first to apologize, and budgeting. sometimes i know i'm in the wrong, but it's so so hard for me to muster up the courage to say those 2 words "i'm sorry". i'm getting better wyatt says. i can convince myself that i'm getting better with the budgeting thing, but i'm pretty sure it's only because there are no places to shop down here. more than just overspending, i just don't pay any attention to it. i could truly think i only spent $35 in a week, when in reality wyatt tells me i've actually spent $85. oh, i forgot about that lunch, oh forgot about that shirt i bought tate too. i really try to remember what i've spent, but it's like magically those thoughts just disappear and i only remember what i didn't buy. promise.
12. i used to think only in black and white. i was so sure of myself and what i knew- this was the right way, and that is the wrong way. i'm much more open to new ideas now, and try hard to embrace and love how different everyone's ideas are. i feel more relaxed and happy since i've done that.
13. remember on #2 i said highschool was just about playing. well, i'm still kind of that way. i don't want to go on to get my masters in anything, i've never wanted to (but it's okay if you do). i didn't even enjoy my college classes (maybe i would have if they were about interior design or architecture though). i'm not an intellect. i think science, math, and most english classes are SO boring. history i liked a little. i'm more a free spirit. i just want to have a fun life, not too serious. i only work to play, and i'm really good at playing. my older sister gave me a birthday card last year that has a picture of a woman, looking beautiful in a dress, laying lazily on the lawn, and it says " i just wasn't born to work". that's exactly how i feel.
wyatt on the other hand loves to learn. not so much work (who really likes that)- he is just a hard worker. but he was serious about college, actually enjoyed his classes and even wanted to apply for a job that required 8-12 more years of school... thus here we are. he reads serious books. i mean like classic, deep books that i buy only to have on my shelf- but he actually reads them, and likes them too. i don't know how he does it. but i'm glad for our differences. it's a really good balance.
he has the brains and puts in the hard work to get us where we need to be
i make sure everything around us is fun and visually pleasing (pretty). then i plan an awesome trip to celebrate!
so, there you have it. 13 new things learned about chelsea and wyatt today.
now share some of your own, i'd love to get to know you more!


  1. Love this!! So good to find out little things, and big things about what makes people who they are. I would love to do this on my blog, but maybe need to work up the courage! But I am excited to be here with you guys for the next little while and get to know you more!

  2. I love that post! I learned a few new things about you. You aren't shallow..let's be honest we all watch those trashy shallow tv shows! I love the differences in you and Wy and the similarities. You guys truly are PERFECT for each other. I hope you are doing well. I wish you were home to help me with this house and making decisions. I need your design expertise...that is one thing you nailed in this post is that you are VERY good at making things and people look pretty.

  3. What a great idea. I love the things you shared and the true picture you painted about you and Wyatt. And, I loved that none of the things you shared were much of a surprise for me. I especially loved the way you described the differences in the way you two think when meeting new people - you assuming everyone is fab; him proceeding cautiously. I wonder if I've I ever earned past the "she might be lame" phase for Wyatt. Don't tell me if I haven't. :)

    Love everything about you - minus the Northern California bit. :( If I had it my way, we'd be next door neighbors forever.

    Miss you.


  4. please pretend that my comment made sense and that I didn't make a bunch of mistakes.

  5. Your thoughtful posts are always interesting, and luckily in this case, not too incriminating. You might be the only person on earth that could profess their love for WT television and their distain for learning and leave me thinking how endearing that is. Probably because I'm able to put it into context, knowing exactly who you are and why you are saying it. You are a supremely confident person, something I always have and always will love about you. Hopefully not everyone thinks I'm a jerk now that they know the truth about my friend-making skills. I do better with alone time I guess.

  6. cute post. even when you try and reveal your "dirty laundry" it just comes across as darling. and thanks for the tip about Boden. Abby will be sporting a dress as soon as it arrives in the mail.

    Bug and I also talked about a comment you made on that ride home from girls camp this past summer. probably shouldn't share the details here, but the end result is that its like the horsley family still lives down the street from us...

  7. What a fun post. I am so glad you opened up. But I have one question....what faults have you realized about me??? Ha Ha Ha! I have too many. I wish I did interior design too. I almost did, until they got rid of the program at BYU. At that point I realized I was going to do hair. But I wish I did both ):
    Keep watching trashy TV! It is the best. Love ya!!

  8. chels, i loved this! and i have to say that it just makes me even more sad that we couldn't stay in the same ward longer, because you and i are SO MUCH alike and greg and wyatt are SO MUCH alike.

    wish we could have made that double date that we briefly alluded to happen before we moved, because it was obviously meant to be.

    either way, let's plan on doing it someday. i simply adore you.


  9. what a good idea! You truly are a social magnet. It is cute to see the attention you draw but how cant you? U2 make a lovely couple. It is soo funny because reading it remind me of my thought process when I meet people. I am not mean, or try to look that way. In fact, I love to see the good in people. But I also love to "figure them out". I believe every person is like a book. Full of stories to tell, learn from. I disliked being short growing up because of sports, but now love it because it makes me who I am and part of my personality. I love being funny, and helping anyone even if I met them in the last 5 min. I am very frugal and have a temper. Perfectionist, impatient, not touchy person, thoughtful, simple. Deep love for the gospel and truth. Love making true friendships and being a dedicated mother. See you in 3 months..

  10. I loved this post, the Chelsea Frandsen I grew up with is still the same fun loving girl! And it sounds like you seriously found your perfect match! I'm with ya on the T.V. I look forward to seeing what has been saved for the night and am so glad I'm not the only one who watched locked up abroad (it makes me never want to traffic drugs ha ha ha!)

  11. love love this. there were several parts that had me laughing out loud... the carrots and yogurt, the full frontal hug from rolfe, and the card from your sister. and can i please just say, that you are a very very intelligent person - you are the best writer which is something that i've always been extremely envious of! anyway, way to go on yet another great post.

  12. I love this idea. It was so fun to read about you and Wy. I love how you compliment each other, and I LOVE all the shows you watch as well. Sometimes I marvel at how people ever survived without tv. We are so glad Wyatt choose such a classy, fun girl to marry. :) Love you guys.

  13. I enjoyed every word. You are wonderful, I can't thank you enough for coming to this island so we could be friends.

  14. I like you even more now.

  15. Well, as I glimpse through these comments everyone feels the way I do but oh well- why not hear it once again...You are the cutest blogger ever! You have such a fun way of expressing yourself and even though I'm not in the "blog world" very often I always love to stop on by and see what you're up to. :) Looks like you're all settled back into the tropics and I'm sure everyone has told you- you're not missin' much here with this gross weather. Well girl- thanks for the smiles- you are so fun and unique.
    Love, Miche

  16. Oh I love the Von Trapps and the Family Stone bit!! When we were in southern utah rafting the rest of the families on the trip called us the Von Trapps as well...and we made everyone play Charades. haha....perfect mix of both movie families. We have such a great close extended family. I love it!! We are very very lucky!!! love and miss you!

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