problem solved

posted on: 1.29.2010

tate got bangs. i think they're adorable.
not because she chose to though. only because she was in hysterics this morning at the suggestion that i pull her nose-length bangs back for the pool.
so, i did what any mom would do.
okay, i said to her. we'll just cut them off.
and we did.


  1. Good thinking. And she is adorable.

  2. Who are we kidding, her bangs are way cuter than mine (ha ha ha!)

  3. Such a beautiful child. Her bangs really bring out her eyes, so fun!

  4. She looks really grown up. Cute Tate!!!

  5. oh my word she looks gorgeous in these pics! she needs to become a model again. send these into mccarty's (is that the name of that cheesy modeling agency in slc?). oh and the bangs of course, to die for.

  6. Love the bangs..she looks like a movie star.

  7. Love, love the bangs...and our adorable little Taters! I dont know...can she get any cuter?


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