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posted on: 1.21.2010

per tate's request we had blueberry mickey mouse pancakes for breakfast, a party with friends, and vanilla cupcakes with blue frosting. she was elated about the idea that her friends were coming over to sing happy birthday only to her.
the hard part was waiting for that to begin...
... and she waits.
this was my fault (it may sound like her friends were late, but really the decorations had been up since she woke up, so waiting until after lunch was really hard)
once her buddies came, the party was on!
party hats... check
cake... check
friends... check
(shhh, i really had no activity planned. just cake and singing. but the kids seemed to think it was quite the get together!) it's amazing what some 7-11 party hats can do.
(also, personally invited by tate was Liz Prince- her swim & nursery teacher- who spoiled her with beach toys, candy, and jewelry!)
thanks to avery & caleb for saving the day... their gift to tate was a bubble machine and ended up being a great activity!
tate sang along (and why not?) as we all wished her a happy birthday. then she blew out her 3 candles and made a wish!
after the partay, and some tears about realizing that it can't go on all day, we made our way to the pool to meet some more friends (to live up every second of this day with no rules or schedules:)
but of course, more waiting was involved... (this seemed to be a recurring theme for the day:)
tate topped her birthday off with a little sunset chalk drawing, and then we 3 had a great pizza dinner!
i think it's safe to say, although it was very simple (especially for my usual "over-doing it" tendencies) it was a really fun day and made tate feel special.
and now my little one is 3.


  1. so so cute! Happy Birthday Tater Tot! Milo would have dug into one of those cupcakes had he been present. Chels, I l.o.v.e the alphabet sign with her name. Might have to steal that idea. Is is painted on? email me the low down. Oh, and Dave and I were this close (imagine my finger and thumb about an inch apart) to booking a trip to Dominica for Spring Break and then 1. I remembered that you are probably coming back to the states in March and 2. the flights are freaking expensive!! Anywhere else in the area is like $250 from DC, but there? $700! Better than the $1200 to Argentina, but I think we may wait to "visit" until you're in FL:) Love you anyway!

  2. Those are great pictures! This will probably be the only birthday that Tate gets to wear a sleeveless dress and sandals. What fun!

  3. what a fun little bday party...and what a darling little face while waiting for her friends!!

  4. Chels you do such a great job with your blog! This looks like the best little birthday party! Your house is so cute too! Tate seriously could not be any cuter! Love you guys!

  5. so cute! it was a fun day- I'm so glad that we could be a part of it :) Tate was the PERFECT host.

  6. It looks like a dreamy day..cupcakes and sun. I couldn't ask for anything better. I'm glad you guys had fun! Give Tate some kisses for us. :)

  7. Such a fun post! Oh the anticipation...and the joy of having a day all for you! It looks like so much fun..wish we could have been there! Love and kisses! Grandma

  8. What a cute party and cute pictures! Fun day for cute Tate.

  9. Happy Birthday Tate! Looks like a fun party. It looks nice and warm, especially for January - Jealous. I'm sad we didn't get to see you guys over the holidays, maybe next year. :)

  10. what a great birthday she had! the pictures are adorable. it's so fun to see her happy with all her little friends. i'm glad you guys have such a great support system there. your new place looks amazing! please do a post of it....soon :) We're all dying to see what it looks like. love you guys!

  11. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Tate! Your party looked like a lot of fun..I know Ella and Gracie miss you so much! We were happy to chat with you for a few on your birthday too! We need to do that more often. You are darling girl, and a fun cousin/neice! Love you!

  12. What a cute little birthday! It sounds like she had a good one. I hope you are doing well. Tate is gorgeous as ever. Those blue eyes are amazing.


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