This weekend...

posted on: 12.07.2009

We enjoyed this... (before she "played" asleep)
I made lots and lots of these... while eating holiday mint m&m's (my favorite!)
All while watching this (my favorite holiday movie)... 2 times
then a little of this on Sunday for her...
Our snowy, cozy weekend spent crafting, snacking, watching, laughing, and gingerbread looking was wonderful!
How was yours?


  1. My daughter knows how to "play dead". Lovely. You guys have been busy since I've been gone. Does she fetch too? Roll over? I bet since I'm not there to protest you just have Elf on repeat, playing round the clock. I'm glad you are enjoying your cozy, snowy december because you sure wouldn't be getting that here. I think it was probably 90 yesterday.

  2. Brian and I watched Elf this weekend too. How does it always remain so funny?

  3. Elf is for sure my favorite Christmas movie too! I haven't watched it yet this season, but I really need to. Tate was so funny on Saturday. The Festival of Trees was a blast!!

  4. can i tell you that we watched "Elf" a couple of times in Coronado too. i'm in love with that show! so hysterical. tate looked awesome last night after her makeover. we're all so lucky to now have grown-up tess in the family. she's always keeping us on our toes! :) Let's do lunch this week!

  5. Hey! It was fun seeing you on saturday! You are darling as always! Hope you guys had fun! Let's do try and get together for dinner or something soon!

  6. how fun! we watched Elf too- and Tate looks exactly like YOU in the bottom pic :) talk to you soon girlie!

  7. What a fun weekend. Oh how I wish that I had a little girl so that I could steal some of those darling clips! I am excited to see you in a few weeks...


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