posted on: 12.30.2009

2009 was a great year. An adventurous year to say the least, and very fun!
Have a gander at the good, the bad, and ugly...
and all that didn't make it on the good old blog.
the summer of the "park"
last 4th of July Parade at Stratford
first taste of guava
living with lizards
the year we gave in and introduced Sprite to Tate
unpacking our new home
fresh tuna: caught and delivered to our door the same day
Tate poppin a squat
looking a little bloated:)
juggling and balancing acts by Wyatt
Tate improvising with those same grapefruit
that face
climbing palms
swinging on palms
the one and only charming building on Dominica (and the street name was even cute- Bow Lane)
selling eggs
The "Shacks", where most students and spouses eat
Brooke and her boyfriend:)
The Good Life
landing in chilly slc
reunited with my blanket, and so SO happy for the need of a blanket
Tate, grandma and grandpa at their ward halloween party
Tate's other 2 tucked under her legs
don't even ask (mine and moms first time ever to a club)
Tate asks me to "take her picture by these little men"!
The End.
Happy New Year!


  1. This is the single cutest post ever. I love the year at a glance and love all the outtakes. That pic of you in the black is the most beautiful thing ever. You're simply stunning. And the one with the DC is pretty fab too . . . and Tate with the guava (hahaha) and, and, and . . . . They're all so great. Happy New Year. xoxo

  2. What a cute idea! Loved the pics. Tate has changed so much from pic number 1 to the last. She is so grown up....grapefruits and all (; Love you guys!

  3. U, may I move to Dominica please? That place looks divine, so jealous Chels.

  4. Love, Love, Love it! I seriously love all the darling pics, you have a beautiful family Chels!

  5. I, too, love this post. And how lucky are you to have so many great pics that don't even make the blog! I guess that's what happens with a photogenic bunch! And..I thought what happened in Park City stayed in Park City! Karaoke, anyone? I love the pictures, I love you guys to death, and I'm already missing that little cutie (relax, Wy, I mean Tate:))

  6. those are some great pictures. happy new year horsley's!

  7. so cute! what a year for you all. love it.

  8. Love this post... love it!

    Annie and I are in the works to try to figure something out before you (sniff, sniff)... leave. :( I will just die if I don't see one last time... oh my gosh I'm going to miss you. Lets not let me cry AGAIN. ha ha

    Happy New Year. xoxo.

  9. juice man and marge... definitely two high points of 2009!!

  10. Fun post! I love the black and white picture of all 3 of you in Dominica. Such a fun, happy, relaxed, BEAUTIFUL family.


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