The night before Christmas...

posted on: 12.27.2009

and all through the house, creatures were stirring, and eating, and laughing, and acting.
the children (and fantastic worshipping wisemen) put on a great nativity. Tate made her first acting debut as the angel, and was darling (although she did nothing).
she was loving her "crown" halo
we were loving just spending time together
This year we spent Christmas Eve at Great Grandma Rhoda's (Wyatt's grandma). It was cozy, casual and relaxed and we loved it.
Once home, we quickly got Tate in her new elf like Christmas jammies and got Santa's plate of cookies and milk ready...

Earlier in day we made the cookies together and Tate was sure Santa would want 5 cookies on his plate. Later that afternoon she got hungry and decided he'd be fine with just 4.
He was:)
This year the whole cookies and milk thing was the highlight of Christmas for Tate. She was so excited about making them, putting them out, and seeing if he ate them in the morning.

In fact, she cared more about the fact that Santa did in fact eat 3 1/2 of them, and all his milk in the morning, than she was about her brand new suitcase sitting pretty right next to the almost empty plate.
silly kid.


  1. Or she's a really smart kid, because the joy of Christmas isn't in the stuff. Glad to hear your holiday was good. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

  2. i wish i was there to partake those cookies. they look delicious! love all the christmas posts. i've missed several. love the worshiping wisemen. wow we look ridiculous! :) vinto was delicious and a blast yet again. too bad the holiday season is wrapping up. makes me sad.

  3. Taters is EDIBLE truly- edible! everything is adorable- starting with the angel and ending with the jamies (cutest slippers ever) and cookies- the milk looks oh so good!

  4. What cute pictures. Tate is seriously the cutest thing! So fun seeing you and Wyatt last week. Have a happy New Year and lets plan breakfast before you leave.


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