Love Actually, of course

posted on: 12.10.2009

At midnight 2 nights ago I didn't think much about popping in this holiday favorite in an attempt to keep me entertained (and awake) as I made more clips.
About 5 minutes in, the opening scene actually, I found myself not doing any sewing at all, but just watching... and sniffling.
How could I have forgotten that the movie opens and closes with those oh so tear jerking love reunion scenes at the airport. Why did I think that would be a good choice as I sit alone, two weeks from Christmas, waiting for my Wyatt to come home for the holidays?
I don't know.
It made me miss him more than ever, and had me wishing our own love reunion airport scene would just come already. I really haven't even started celebrating Christmas yet (besides partaking in all the holiday treats:) because it's just not fun without him.
9 more days, 9 looong more days...
and now I know, from here on out it's only Elf, A Christmas Story, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or The Grinch.


  1. Oh, shoot. Hate that. In 9 days it'll sure be a sweet reunion. Hope it comes FAST. xoxo

  2. It will be here soon enough and then we can finally relax. I've actually never seen the movie, I had to youtube the scene to know what you were referring to. I'm trying to memorize the sequence of events so I don't disappoint. I think it goes-we see each other from a distance, I drop my bags and time stands still as I run to you, my eyes clouding with tears. We embrace and spin around as onlookers smile, some even cheering. Does that sound about right? I'll practice in my apartment with a pillow or something. Looking forward to it though, all joking aside.

  3. totally watched it the other night. it is among my favorite movies to watch any time of year, but especially during the holidays. agreed that it is probably not the best thing to watch when you are missing someone. but hey, 9 days is not so bad and that airport reunion will be that much better because of it. hope you are having fun with family and friends while you are here. merry, merry to you.

  4. chelsea, i totally just watched this movie last night. it is such a holiday favorite! and while i was watching it i totally thought of you because i think you bear some resemblance to natalie, hugh grant's love interest! can you see it? the beautiful dark hair, gorgeous, etc. etc.? well i did. anyway i love your cute blog! merry christmas! my blog is "private" now bc i am paranoid but if you ever want an invite just let me know!


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