Her first Christmas List

posted on: 12.19.2009

For her first year understanding that she can ask for things and Santa may bring them to her, Tate was perfectly specific.
Since November it's always been a racecar, camera, and suitcase (with absolutely no suggestions from us). Nothing else has ever been mentioned, and no item changed.
So, under the tree this year I have a feeling Santa may leave these...
Super cool pink racecar just for cool girls who can pull off the racecar thing.

adorable wooden camera with carrying strap for all those shoots Dante Beatrix bunny suitcase, for a little Dominican traveler.

I'm hoping, for her first year believing, her morning will be magical. Oh, how I love this time of year!


  1. Love the race car, where did you find it?

  2. I think I might want those three things too! They're so cute! I love that she came up with three random wishes and you found delightful adorable solutions... what a cool mom. It's going to be a really fun Christmas! Can't wait to see you both! We'll be enjoying the crisp SLC air TOMORROW!!! =)

  3. She knows what she wants...just like her mom! I love it that the list hasn't varied at all, and I LOVE that girl! Call me...I have a Christmas gift question!


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