Decking the Halls

posted on: 12.27.2009

This year Tate decked her own gingerbread house with no help from me. She pointed where she wanted to place the gumdrops (that's all she wanted on the house) and I gave her the frosting to make it stick (oh, and a big pile of coconut snow on the upper left roof only:). She kept it simple and was done in 15 minutes! wham bam, thank you mam.
Instead of drawing names for all the cousins we decided to get them together and have a kids Christmas Festivus party! They decorated Christmas cookies to their little hearts delight and then we took them caroling and delivered them to their Great Grandma Rhoda. The kids looved it, and it made their G Grandma's week! I think it'll be a tradition we'll carry on as long as the kids like.
Tate, and her belly, showing me her beautiful cookies!


  1. i love the ginger house- Tate, GREAT job girlie! and that is a neat idea- we will have to adopt it if ever we are by cousins again :)


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