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posted on: 12.02.2009

Was just informed of this amazing (real) vintage childrens clothing site and cannot stop drooling. I would happily put Tate in any of these, and you just may see her in that cream chanel-esque coat or blue abc dress around the holidays.
Darling right? It's actually a money bank by Anne Claire Petit and it'll be sitting under the tree for Tate. Thanks to One Kings Lane I didn't have to pay 90 bucks for it, only 30! Isn't it adorable?
If you still haven't joined the bandwagon on One Kings Lane, Gilt Groupe, or The Mini Social, leave your email and I'll send you an invite. I've scored many a deals this holiday season from them (think Orla Keily & Livi & Luca shoes).


  1. I don't know if I've left a comment on your blog since we moved out of Stratford, but I read your blog all the time. I would love an invite to these sites.

  2. Hey those clothes are so cute send invite PLEASE!

  3. How are you? Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I took a dress of Tate's to Thanksgiving at home for our "Moore" Family Christmas card. I hope thats o.k. I still need to return it all to you! Let's get together soon.

  4. invite me please! These clothes are amazing!!!

  5. Diem needs one of those dresses for sure...

  6. What a fun thanksgiving! These clothes are adorable...please invite me. You know my email!!!!

  7. invite me... those are darling!!

  8. Is it b/c I have a boy I don't know about these things.. yikes. I'm so afraid for my money after this girl, especially having you as a true!! ha ha

    K invite me... you know the address! :)

    Love your guts!

  9. How darling are those little outfits! Please send me an invite.


    How are you, by the way?

  10. love these! i want them in my size.

  11. Love Vintage anything!

  12. So cute!! I want an invite!!
    Thanks friend!!


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