posted on: 11.04.2009

The conversation between me and tate went like this today...
tate- mom, why did you leave my yogurt at the restaurant?
me- because you were all finished with it, so I left it for them to throw away for us
tate- but why was I finished with it?
me- because you were really hungry
tate- why?
me- because it was morning time and you're always hungry in the morning
tate- why?
me- why what?
tate- why was it morning?
me- because the sun came up
tate- why?
me- because that's just what happens, the sun goes down and reminds us to sleep and then it comes up and reminds us to wake up.
tate- why?
me- so we can enjoy our day
tate- why though?
me- I don't know Tate... just so we're happy.
tate- oh.
me- oh boy. it's a good thing you're cute.


  1. I thought that about Milo when he pooped in the bath...that I happened to be sharing with him;)

  2. OH goodness I love it...the dreaded word why! P.S. I love that skirt, LIddy has it too!

  3. that is hysterical. so apparently she's in a curios stage. good to know, i'll make sure i'm prepared to teach her all i know. i'm very wisdomess. that's a word, i promise.

  4. I got a question for ya, Why is Tate so cute? Answer, because she has such a darling mom!

  5. let the good times begin!!! the good ol Why's!!

  6. why...why...why....
    ash's favorite word. until i turn in on him, and he gets really bugged and says, "because!"


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