What kind of dessert are you?

posted on: 11.12.2009

I know, I really am posting about food again. But as I left Trio last week, and was savoring the flavor of my Baked Alaska still lingering in my mouth, I remembered a funny game I played with my in-laws when out to dinner last year...
What kind of dessert are you?
It all started with my sister in law Erin recalling a time when she was pegged as the All American Apple Pie. You know sweet, simple, and classic. It got us all thinking what kind of dessert we would be. It was actually more fun to decide as a table which dessert everyone else was...
I can't remember what everyone else was, but I remember a few...
pat and maddie- creme brulee (rich, classy and elegant)
Dori- midnight flourless cake (sleek and sexy)
Dru- lemon tart (fun, energetic, refreshing)
me- wedding cake (hmmm, still not sure if I like this?)
Eve... what did we decide you were? I think you'd be a good dark chocolate pudding (sweet, easy, comforting, and a bit exotic)
So, what kind of dessert are you?


  1. embrace the wedding cake idea. it wasn't my suggestion, but it fits perfectly-very put together, every detail in place, kind of center of attention, very festive/ceremonial. you, you, you, and yes you

  2. I think I am a Popsicle. Cold and hard, but sweet and refreshing. Ha Ha. I really have no idea what I would be. And I love Wyatt's description of the wedding cake. I think it is very you (:

  3. I don't get how to play? How are you Chelsea! I haven't seen or talked to you forever! Hope all is well

  4. Oh that was a fun night...at The Ivy in L.A.

    Okay so I feel kind of bad because I am the one that came up with the wedding cake idea for you and it wasn't to make you feel bad at all. It was for all the reasons that Wyatt so clearly articulated. You know how some wedding cakes are all pretty on the outside but gross on the inside. That's NOT you (for the record). You are a wedding cake that's sweet and pretty and good both inside and out!

  5. Wyatt's description is PERFECT! You make a good wedding cake, and that's one of the better ones we came up with..so you should be flattered. I don't remember what I was, something offensive though. I think some sort of cheesecake or something?? Rude everyone. I LOVED that game though! So funny. It truly does describe everyone quite well.

  6. Help me remember...we're playing this at dinner tonight!

  7. wy hit it on the money. that's exactly what i would tag you as now with that description. i think i'm a little boring, lemon tart? i don't know. it's funny because i think no matter what you're tagged as you kind of thing it's not a compliment :)


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