A Snowy Staycation

posted on: 11.17.2009

It was just what the doctor ordered. A girls weekend in Park City with all my sisters. It was a snowy and blustery one, but a good one. Maybe even the best one yet!
The kickoff dinner was at Vinto. The new pizza place in downtown Slc, been there? It was really really good. I've already made plans to go back twice in the next month.
Once up in Park City, we shopped and ate and shopped some more. It's really what we do best (even though at one point, Amber mentioned she needed training next year to keep up:)!
Dinner at Zoom Saturday night will go down in history as one of the funniest nights I've ever had with my sisters. It started with some good food (and good margaritas for some) and ended with 5 girls in desperate search of a karaoke bar. Much to our disappointment no karaoke bar was to be found. Truly the most devastating thing of the whole weekend.
The proof of our successful trip was in the numbers.
18- shopping bags in the trunk
3- new purses for us, and new great restaurants tried
5- bars ventured into in search of karaoke
1- time of morning we called it a night
12- riesens devoured by myself in attempt to gain more shopping energy
4- times we got a glimpse into amber's hilarious alter ego (who we loved!)
8- attempts to re-create the "just kidding" skit from SNL
11- stores shopped at
10- average wake up call time both mornings. so glorious.
6- clothing items purchased for myself that were black (it's my color this season i guess)
0- times my mom cried
2- days longer we all wanted to stay


  1. What fun get away! Your family is so beautiful! Can I ask you where you got your cute black and brown purses? I am in search of some new ones! THanks! Kt.cloward@gmail.com

  2. I'm really jealous of this relationship you have with your mom and sisters. You guys looked like you had so much fun!

  3. GORGEOUS group of girls!!! how fun :) we miss you down here- I can't say that you are experiancing the same thing! ;)

  4. Little sister has been asking about you, when will our day come? We need to see you before you head out.

  5. Speaking of black - hat please? That is the best. And while we're at it - may I please have your sweater as ell? You, as always, are killing me with your fashion and beauty and everything else.

    I didn't get your message until later this afternoon. I wasn't sure if you were back from the girls weekend, so I didn't press it. We're open pretty much the rest of the week so I'll call you tomorrow to set something up. This is getting ridiculous.


  6. I am with Annie...tell me where you got the gray sweater. Loving it! And I am emailing you a big thank you right after this.

  7. the horsley girls need to do this! how fun. looks like you guys had the most wonderful time. i'm so glad you did it! we had an equally wonderful time with your little one. she's so entertaining it's ridiculous. i'm so glad the next two times you go to vinto, i'll be with you! :) can't wait!

  8. oh...you are making me a bit homesick for the snow and my sisters and mom. I love weekend getaways! That is when you see the "real" person inside of everyone, and I can't tell you how much I love that "real" person!

  9. Oh, how I wish we could go back! Here's a number for you. 3 -- times I've cleaned up puke this am :( Goodbye cute, fashionable pulled together mom, hello sweat wearing real mom :). love you chels....had SUCH a good time last weekend!

  10. So glad you girls had fun... knew you would! And if there are margaritas... double the fun! lol I need to do this w/ my mom and sis!

    And yes, them are the boots!

    p.s. trying Communal this weekend so let me know what is a must have?


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