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posted on: 11.27.2009

When coming into town, besides seeing my friends and family, I was most excited for 2 things.
So You Think You Can Dance concert
New Moon. Kind of pathetic I know.
What a great month it's been, fulfilling both of my obsessions!
Going with this group (my in laws, although they feel just like sisters to me) is what makes it so fun! They get just as giddy as I do about the whole thing, and you betcha we were screaming and dancing the entire time among all the tweens... no shame what so ever.
The concert was uhhh-mazing.
I must admit though, so far the current season's dancers aren't as talented as this group. Agreed?
Now on to New Moon...
Pretty good the first time, but really really good the second time. However, I was disappointed that they couldn't figure out a way to have Edward in it more. I'm completely and utterly dedicated to team Edward. Even all the shirtless scenes of Jacobs ripped bod can't make me waver (although I wasn't complaining:)
Highlights for me were...
the car scene again, where Edward pulls up to school in his Volvo and walks toward Bella. I don't know what it is, but apparently I've totally bought into that "hot car= hot guy" thing. kind of embarrassing.
Edward and Bella's reunion at the Volturi. So romantic.
All in all New Moon was entertaining, but for me was just necessary to segway into Eclipse... my favorite book.


  1. So fun, the Jai Ho dance was by far my favorite!!! Love your dedication to Twilight and I totally agree with ya on they needed more of Edward! P.S. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only chorister that can't sing, what did they teach us at Silver Mesa (ha ha ha!)

  2. i LOVE to live vicariously through you! FUNNEST month EVER- ditto on the whole New Moon commentary :)

  3. Glad you had fun babe. Wish I did as much fun stuff with my family as you do. No brothers, no fun for me. Boo

  4. Best night ever!! Sorry Wyatt, I used to play basketball with you remember??

  5. Okay i don't know how you can call Rob Pattinson Edward it is kind of offensive. he is just a beast i don't know how you find that attractive, but i guess someone needs to like the hairy old fat man.


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