Giving Thanks

posted on: 11.29.2009

Thanksgiving this year was...
and a bit lonely.
I definitely don't ever want to spend another holiday away from Wyatt.

Besides the amazing food and company, my 3rd favorite thing about this holiday are the tables. I love seeing how Pat, and my aunt Julie decorate their tables. Both have beautiful taste and know how to make us feel like royalty.

2nd round of dinner at my aunt Julie's

4 generations.... my grandma Jean, me, Tate and my mom

mom, cousin Annie (stunning 9th grader, right?), grams, julie.

Highlights from this weekend are:
- a late thanksgiving night showing of new moon (again)
- childrens museum and lunch with my gal
- black friday shopping with mom and sister
- movie night with boo
- decorating christmas cookies with cousins
- tate's, wyatt's, and heather's christmas shopping done (thanks to great black friday and cyber monday online sales:)
- christmas lights and santa up at my parents
- lots and lots of relaxing!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. Sure looks better than our Dominican Thanksgiving- ha ha! Although I am sure it would be hard without Wyatt. Tate looks so cute in all your pictures, it is still weird for me to see here in all these cute winter clothes!

  2. Ok now seeing everything makes me kind of sad. As you can probably imagine knowing me, a smaller kind of Thanksgiving sounds really nice. Not that I don't like people... I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

  3. Wy- you were sadly missed by everyone also. We can't wait for you to be home!!

  4. The tables do look great and I'm sure the food and family was wonderful as well!

  5. Chelsea,I totally remember you and must admit I check your blog all the time! LOVE your tatertot clips and so wish I had a little girl to put cute clips in her hair :) Anyways, thanks for your comment! You have fabulous style and such a beautiful family. Hope you enjoyed the play dough!

  6. Wyatt, it was weird not to have you here for Thanksgiving!! But we are so glad you were here, Chels and Tate. The highlight of my day was when Tate showed me baby Patty sleeping in the basement. Love her.


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