Eating through my birthday

posted on: 11.05.2009

I knew I'd have to be completely distracted on my birthday, as to not notice (as much) just how much I missed Wy.
How did I do it?
I basically ate my way through the day and it was wonderful!
Ruth's Diner for breakfast, originally with just me and Tate, but then pleasantly surprised by Boo before we even got our juice!
The Pecan Cinnamon Roll French Toast with lemon cream cheese was a perfect way to start my day.
2 Hours later (and I really was getting hungry again) I met up with my mom & Boo again for some Sushi and shopping. Could it get any better?!
Another 2 hours, 2 sushi rolls, and 2 new sweaters later I was on my way home to get ready for dinner with friends. See, my day really did involve around eating out, and I don't regret one bite:)
Dinner with friends (Jen, me, Meghan, Jenny & Laura) was a blast and I'm so grateful to have good friends who will play husband for the night and take me out! Every one of these girls are so unique and all of us very different, but that's exactly why I love being around them so much!
Cute Jenny came bearing gifts for everyone... of course she did.
As usual the night was full of funny stories (thanks Lar), catching up, and good food. Just the way a good girls night should be.
I was worried that my day would be lonely (the dreaded thought on a birthday), but I really ended up having such a great day. Thanks to my sweet husband (what a gem), my day started off with a big smile.
Thank you for all your birthday wishes, they also made my day!
Here's to hoping 27 is an even better year...


  1. I am so glad you had such a good birthday. I am also so happy you like food as much as I do. Here is to food!!!!

  2. i feel like everyday revolves around food! luv it! so sad to miss out on such a fun night, but so glad that you had a fabulous day! happy birthday.

  3. What a yummy birthday. I'm also so sad that I missed the fun girl's night. Looks like fun as usual. Let's please hang out. I'll try to call today to set something up. xoxo

  4. I'm so happy you had a good day! You deserve that on your birthday.

  5. Happy birthday! My mouth is watering... I am all about the food too! Pretty sure my Christmas break will be revolved around it!

  6. I'm so glad I could celebrate with you!! Great night yet again with the girls! Love you!

  7. Anytime you need an eating buddy you better call me:) So fun being with you on your birthday!

  8. how fun! Happy Birthday! I didn't even know and didn't have internet anyway- but I'm so glad it was a good!!! ps the Cheesecake Factory bag is torture ;)


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