clowning around

posted on: 11.02.2009

my tate was a clown. the cutest little clown around town.
We tricked and treat and had ourselves a ball.

props to my mom who made this amazingly adorable costume in 3 days... i later found out this is why she hates halloween. oops.

we spent the evening seeing cousins and inhaling pizza, all in time to see more cousins and score some candy!

Cole as Captain Jack Sparrow

Power Ranger
Crazy Ute fan
Snow White
and the clown.
(Captain Jack Sparrow and his Frog brother were busy)

Tyler and Dru... as Tyler and Dru

Harrison... the Frog

working off the pizza before the candy rush

Tess as Hermine

Nora as Snow White... and playing the role perfectly

Dorothy, her Munchkin, and their clown cousin collecting way too much candy

hope you all had a great Halloween...


  1. That clown costume is amazing! All the cousins looked great too.

  2. Should I be worried that my daughter looks so good and seems to be so happy as a clown? Tate, this is holloween-as in make believe, dress up time. This is not career day!! Stay in school! Great pics mom, really sad I wasn't able to be there. Miss you...

  3. Tate looks adorable! Absolutely the cutest clown costume I've ever seen!

  4. I was going to have Eliza be a clown this year and now I'm SO sad I didn't. Tate is the cutest clown ever!! Let's get together this week.

  5. i'm totally laughing out loud right now at wy's comment. too funny! she was the most adorable clown and that costume was amazing! that picture of ty and i is a little creepy. love it! i'm stealing that picture of nora too. what a ham!! so fun.

  6. I am in love with Tate's costume. So cute! Looks like you guys had fun! Happy Birthday tomorrow Chels!!

  7. I am DYING over Tate's costume! Why am I getting jealous over a 2 1/2 yr old... she is so freaking pretty! I mean how many 2 yr olds do you know that are pretty... she is seriously so stunning! Do you think my little one can borrow that in a few years?! ;) Yet another reason I think your mom is fabulous! Can't wait to see you tomorrow and celebrate!! xoxo

  8. Way to go Debi!! What an awesome costume. I want to borrow it in 5 or 10 years when I (maybe) have a little girl of my own!

  9. she is so cute I could die! honestly the little clown DEFINES EDIBLE! we miss you! xo


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