A Bad & Good day

posted on: 11.18.2009

The Bad
Went to the doctor today and was told I'll need physical therapy to get all the crazy knots and muscle spasms out of my back. I guess it's not that good after all to carry around your toddler all day?
Also, hours after I made the doctor appointment for my back, I sprained my foot. Wish I could tell you I fell doing something cool like back country skiing, or saving an old lady from being hit by a bus, but really I just fell down my parents stairs. I seem to fall down them often (almost weekly), so I guess I was about due for a consequence to my clumsyness.
No physical therapy for that though... just ice, elevation, and a really sexy limp.
The Good (and it's really good)
On my way out the door to go to my appointment for my back and now sprained foot I heard the phone ring with the best name a caller id could have (besides my husbands), Anthropologie.
Hmmm, I thought, better answer this.
It's like they knew I was going to have a bad day without and they invited me to come shopping for friends & family weekend. You know what that means? The coveted Discount. The coveted clothes and pillows and candles and shoes and rugs and jewelry at the coveted discount price.
I've been giddy ever since.
(i'd even sprain my foot again for a call like that)


  1. How did you get on that list? So, if you don't have anyone to go with...i know someone who would go. Someone maybe writing this message? Someone who is clumsy just like you. I fell down the stairs carrying newborn Cam. I hate falling!!

  2. And I am so sorry about your ankle and back. i guess the whole jealousy thing kicked in and I forgot about the bad things about your day. I bet you do have a sexy limp (:

  3. stop it-a sprain. And loving reading Wyatts comments. Sounds familiar :)

  4. okay so so so excited about that!! pat was so thrilled when she told me, and i feel thrilled as well. i'm sorry about your ankle and back! can't wait to see the limp...

  5. -NOOO sad about your back but happy for your future FUN shopping trip!

  6. cant wait to see you!!!! glad you got the call...i threw your name out there!!

  7. It was crazy that we bothed showed up at the same to do Anthro paperwork! Have you shopped yet? I sure do have 12 items in my shopping bag online! My total is over 1000 ha ha I wish I could just hit send on that!(in my dreams) Happy shopping and CHEERS to Anthro! ;)


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